Self-care gift ideas for new parents and baby

Having a new baby is such an exciting time and many of us are keen to spoil baby with gifts when they arrive.

However, don’t forget about the new parents when making your gifting decisions.  They are often exhausted and overwhelmed with their new responsibilities and adjusting to life with a baby.  A self-care treat could really make their day and help to ease the pressures of family life in those first few precious weeks.

Read on to discover some of the best self-care gift ideas for new mums, dads and baby.

Baby hamper

A luxurious baby hamper that features clothing, toys and toiletries is not only super helpful for new parents, but provides self-care for babies in the form of premium baby products to soothe and nourish their delicate skin.

Search for a trusted baby hamper company that includes high quality items in each hamper, such as The Baby Hamper Company who offer a hamper a little different to the usual hampers you see. 

They include bright, colourful, quirky toys, clothes and gifts in their hampers – perfect for a trendy mum and baby!

Self-care gift ideas for new parents and baby

New mum pamper hamper

Whilst many people immediately think of buying the baby a present, don’t forget about mum!  Mum has been through quite a ride with nine months of pregnancy and all the niggles that come with it, and then through the main event itself – the birth!

For many the birth can be quite traumatic and take time to recover from, so some self-care goodies for mum is a perfect idea.  Baby will be spoilt with gifts, but don’t forget to spoil mum too.

A pamper full of self-care goodies and treats, just for mum, is a great idea.  You can create your own with all of mum’s favourite things, or find a readymade luxury hamper online like this amazing New Mum Letterbox Pamper Hamper with self-care toiletries and a relaxing candle.  Being letterboxed size, it’s ideal for not disturbing mum and baby as it will slip right through the door.

Gift vouchers with a twist

If you’re unsure what to buy or feel they will be overloaded with all the baby gifts you can think of, then how about a gift voucher instead?

Of course, you can opt for a baby shop gift voucher, but how about something useful for mum and dad to indulge in too?

Here are some great gift voucher ideas for new parents:

  • Supermarket gift voucher

A gift voucher for a supermarket might sound strange at first, but there they can buy clothes for baby, toiletries and even treats for themselves.  Choose a high end supermarket if you want it to be extra special, or for convenience and to stop them travelling far then their closest supermarket is ideal.

  • Takeaway gift voucher

Another welcome gift might be a voucher for a takeaway as the new parents may be too exhausted to cook every night, especially in the first few weeks as they get used to the demands of a newborn!

Self-care gift ideas for new parents and baby
  • Massage gift voucher

There’s no question that new parents will suffer some sleepless nights in those first few weeks, feeling more exhausted than they’ve ever felt in their lives!  So what better than one indulgent hour to themselves having a massage to relieve stress and let them totally relax (and maybe even sleep) for a whole hour?

Source a voucher for a nearby and recommended spa that allows them to book a date of their choice within the next year.  Avoid choosing a date yourself as new parents, mum’s in particular, might not be ready to leave baby in the first few months, even for a short while.

Alternatively, find recommendations for at-home masseuses who offer the ultimate in convenience by attending the new parent’s home and offering a massage.  If you buy this for mum, be sure to converse with dad to make sure he can take the baby for a walk for an hour so mum really gets some peace and quiet to enjoy a massage.

  • Netflix gift voucher

New parents are likely to be spending a lot more time at home than they might previously have been used to.  Lots of this time will be spent caring for baby and adjusting to their new family lifestyle, but there will be a lot of evenings spent at home as parenting duties call.  It may be a far cry from social events and evenings they are used to.

Help them settle in to their new cosy night in routine with a voucher for a film and series TV service like Netflix.  It’s so important for them to be able to switch off and relax, even if this is within the confines of their own home binge-watching the latest dramas!

Self-care gift ideas for new parents and baby

Vegan meal delivery subscription

Of course the new parents deserve to indulge in a takeaway, or two, or three, when baby arrives, but good nutrition for the sleep-deprived adults is really important to keep them nourished and well.

If your budget for a self-care gift for the parents is plentiful, then a vegan meal delivery subscription or one off order could be a very welcome idea.

These types of service prep delicious plant-based meals and deliver them to your door.  All you have to do is heat them and voila – a chef prepared meal full of goodness without all the fuss.

It’s the perfect solution for tired and hungry recent parents!

There are numerous companies offering this service in the UK.  Check these companies out to get started:

Pay for a professional cleaner or laundry collection service

How about hiring a cleaner, or gardener, or whatever they need to get the house in order as it may not be the top of their list of things to do right now and they just wish someone else could do it for them!

If the washing heap is becoming unbearable then a laundry service that picks it up and delivers it washed, dried and pressed could be the dream present for the new parents in those first few weeks… or months… or even years!!

Let them have sleep

Sleep is probably the number one thing most new parents miss!  When baby is old enough and mum feels ready to let baby leave her side, then offer to take baby for a walk to let mum sleep! 

This may not be at the most convenient time of day for sleep, so bring mum a blackout eye mask and some soothing essential oils so she can drift off soundly.  Even if you can’t personally take baby out for a walk, then some gifts that will help mum sleep from night-time tea, to lavender essential oils and bedtime bath soaks will help her to get shut eye she so needs.

Final thoughts

By ensuring the new parents are happy, healthy and as well rested as can be during the few weeks, you’ll ensure baby gets the least stressed parents as possible to give them the best start in life. Sure, spoil baby, but don’t forget about self-care for mum and dad!

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Self-care gift ideas for new parents and baby

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