Healthy living discount codes: save money and be good!

Though I often write about how important I think it is to invest in a healthy lifestyle and why it’s worth the money for our health now and in the future, I am also a fan of saving money where I can, as there’s no point in spending money unnecessarily. In this blog post, I have a huge list of healthy living discount codes and vouchers that you can use to save money on all things healthy!

There are lots of ways you can save money on healthy living through discount codes, promo deals and using referral links. You can also get healthier home products discount codes for eco-friendly living, zero-waste lifestyles and more. I’ll share these below and I’ll regularly update this blog post as I find more. Today I will share the healthy living discount codes and referral links I have available right now, so you can save money if you wish to purchase these products or use these healthy-related services.

Many of these codes are my referral links, so I may receive a small commission if you use them or a credit on my own account if it’s a service I already use. If you do sign up for some of the services then find your own referral code/link so you can recommend them to your friends too and earn a commission!

Hopefully, I can introduce you to some great eco-friendly companies and healthy living brands that you might not have heard of before. And, you can save money on them!

I’ll update this page as often as I can, so bookmark it, check back and please share it with your friends. Thank you 🙂

Please note: these offers are correct to my knowledge at the time of writing but they are subject to change. I’ll update when I know they aren’t working or feel free to drop me a message or comment to let me know.

Octopus Energy referral code £50 credit

Save money while going green! Join Octopus Energy using My Octopus Referral Code and score £50 in credit applied to your account – effortlessly reducing your energy bills.

octopus referral code

allplants discount code £20 off

You need to try allplants – use my link to get £20 off your first box. Their beautiful, 100% plant-based dishes are such a game-changer – fill up your freezer and you will always have a nutritious meal ready to heat up on your schedule. When you order your first box, they will grow a tree on our behalf in an effort to slow and reverse global warming. How is that for a plan?

Get a discount code for £20 off at allplants

allplants discount code

Planty discount code 30% off

Planty is another plant-based meal delivery service sending healthy vegan-friendly meals directly to your door! Use my referral link and we’ll each get 30% off our Planty order!

Click here for 30% off your Planty order

Vita Coco discount code £10 off

Get £10 off with my Vita Coco referral as a new customer if you spend at least £25 (we love their CBD drinks!)

Click here for £10 off your first order at Vita Coco

OR enter code VICTORIA-R4F when signing up or placing your first order!

Ripple 20% off

therippleco currently have a discount code for 20% off their natural, aromatherapy, nicotine-free vapes if you follow my referral link:

Click here for 20% off at Ripple+

Hip Pop Kombucha discount code £10 off

I love Hip Pop Kombucha! Use my referral link to get a discount now!

£10 off your first online order of £20+ 


hop pop kombucha discount code

Abel and Cole discount code 50% off

To redeem offer, add a weekly fruit & veg box to basket and enter the promotional code VEGBOX50 at Abel and Cole

Your first, highest value box will be 50% off (minimum box value £12 and maximum value of £27.50) then after receiving 2 full price Abel & Cole deliveries, a box in your 4th order will also be 50% off.

£1.50 delivery fee applies. Offer does not apply to those who have an order or delivery in place with us already.

Click here to shop!

Riverford discount code £15 off your second delivery!

Looking for a Riverford discount code? By using my Riverford refer a friend link you can get £15 off your second delivery. We get delicious organic fruit and veg each week. They have lots of different organic boxes to choose from.

Click here to use my Riverford refer a friend discount!

Dare Motivation discount code – £10 off vegan-friendly shakes

Use my Dare referral link to grab a £10 discount on delicious vegan shake powders with plant based protein.

Read my Dare review here!

Grab your £10 Dare discount code here! discount code – 10% off or £5 off discount code sell all sorts of amazing healthy living goodies from natural supplements for wellness to CBD oils and many other products.

I have two great discounts for you, so you can choose the one that saves you the most on your order!

£5 OFF

To get £5 off your order at TheDrug.Store simply shop using my referral link:

10% OFF

Or for 10% off your order, if that works out better, then simply enter promo code VICTORIA10 at TheDrug.Store

FFS Beauty discount code – £3 off

ffs beauty discount code razor
ffs beauty discount code razor

I absolutely love FFS beauty and we have been using their subscription razor blades for a few years now.

The subscription is really flexible if you need to skip blades, plus they have a zero waste scheme!

You can collect all your used blades and send them back for recycling.

Grab £3 off your FFS Beauty purchase with my FFS discount code! Click my referral link to grab your code:

Global 1st discount code: 25% off

global 1st discount code
Gorgeous shopper made from recycled bottles

Get 25% off your Global 1st order with discount code LR25

They currently have free shipping if you spend £20, which is easily done!

Take a look at Global 1st for lots of eco-friendly gift ideas. This shopper is made from recycled water bottles!

They have homewares, fashion and beauty all with an eco-friendly twist.

Click here to shop at Global 1st and enter LR25 for 25% off your order!

Who Gives A Crap discount code – £5 off

who gives a crap discount code

Get £5 off your order at Who Gives A Crap who sell toilet roll made without cutting down more trees.

They offer recycled toilet roll made from used office paper, or bamboo toilet paper.

Who gives a crap discount code 5 off

50% of profits are given to good cases to help build toilets for those who need them.

Grab £5 off your WGAC order with my referral link!

Wild deodorant – free case worth £7

wild discount code
Grab a free Wild case at this amazing zero waste natural deodorant subscription!

The offer was £5 off, but now has changed to a free case worth £7, so it may change again, but this is the correct offer at the time of writing.

Please follow my referral link to get the latest best offer from Wild natural deodorant:

Read my review at Wild zero waste natural deodorant review + £5 off discount code

Eufy discount code – £40 off

eufy discount code

Keep your home dust-free with an amazing robot vacuum from Eufy!

We love ours for keeping dust at bay and picking up bits of food to keep our home healthy and clean on autopilot.

They also sell video doorbells and home security systems to protect you and your family.

Grab £40 off your order with my referral link and discount code by clicking here!

Mission Pebble – free trial of their ‘shoap’ bars

mission pebble referral code shoap bar zero waste subscription
mission pebble referral code shoap bar zero waste subscription
mission pebble referral code shoap bar zero waste subscription

Mission Pebble are a subscription service where you can have shampoo/soap bars delivered every month to reduce your waste in your bathroom. We love the scents and these wash our hair really well!

You can get a free trial (just pay £3.95 p&p) with a wooden soap dish and 4x shoaps to try!

Click here to try Mission Pebble and reduce your bathroom waste today!

Lucky Vitamin discount code – $5 off

I regularly buy natural beauty products from this US site as their prices are amazing.

Save $5 on your first order if you spend $49+ 

Click my referral link to get your discount code which will pop up on the screen after a short while.

teakruthi discount code – $10 off

teakruthi discount code

Enter code #TEAADDICT for $10 off your first order

Delicious loose tea!


Hucksters Ski Lodges discount code – £20 off

Hucksters Ski Lodges have shared a £20 reduction on any holiday booked by my readers!

Simply quote BLOG1 on booking to receive this exclusive offer.


Neveo discount code – first photo album free

neveo app discount code

I use the Neveo smartphone app to send a monthly album with our family photos to Ben’s Gran in Germany.

It’s simple, practical and it really makes her happy! An easy way to stay in touch with older relatives who might not be tech savvy and may feel lonely.

I think you’ll like it.  Easily send photos to grandparents or family members. 

Install the app and try it with my code RMKKRU to send your first album for free!


Herts Hemp discount code – 15% off

Herts Hemp discount code

Use my promo code VS15 to get 15% off at Herts Hemp.

It’s valid on all products at and can only be used once per customer.

iHerb discount code – 5% off

Grab 5% off your first iHerb order with my referral link.

The discount is automatically applied to the items in your basket.


CBD BOOM UK discount code – 10% off

Use code Victoria10 for 10% off brand new UK CBD company CBD BOOM UK.

They sell vegan CBD gummies!

Read my CBD BOOM UK review here

Nutrivive discount code – 10% off

Nutrivive peppermint CBD oil review + WIN CBD infused moisturiser

Nutrivive offer a 10% discount code on your first order if you sign up to their newsletter.  A popup box came up as soon as I entered their website and there’s a signup box at the bottom of the homepage.

Read my full review at Nutrivive peppermint CBD oil review

Nutriseed discount code – £10 off

£10 off superfoods, juices and more with my Nutriseed promo code!


nutriseed discount code

Cashback sites to save money on healthy living purchases

Whether you’re grocery shopping online or buying some at-home gym equipment, there is likely a website that offers you cashback for your purchase in the UK, especially if you are shopping from well-known High Street brands and online retailers.

Here are a list of great cashback websites that can literally save you hundreds of pounds on your healthy living shopping each year.

Simply click their tracking link to go to the website you are purchasing from and you’ll get a belated discount on your shop. I’ve made over £1000 in three years on Top Cashback alone!

Many have browser extensions so you can simply shop as normal online and they’ll let you know if you can get cashback on the website you are browsing, so you never miss out!

Cashback sites to save money on healthy living purchases

Check out this list of UK cashback sites you need to sign up to:

1.     Top Cashback

This is by far my favourite cashback website and we have had over £1200 cashback in three years.  We use it for online shopping, booking travel, booking car MOTs and services, insurance, savings products and more. There are many healthy living retailers listed!

Click here to sign up to Top Cashback today!

2.     Quidco

Some people prefer Top Cashback and some prefer Quidco.  Sometimes they have different offers, so if one doesn’t offer cashback where you’re shopping, then the other might.  It’s free to open accounts at all these websites, so you may as well sign up to them all and start maximizing your online savings on your healthy living goods.

Click here to sign up to Quidco today!

3.     Swagbucks

They have lots of ways to make money online, including cashback on many popular websites.

Click here to sign up to Swagbucks today!

4.     OhMyDosh!

This is a great ‘get paid to’ website which has a lot of offers and trials which you can sign up to for free cash and then cancel the subscriptions if you no longer wish to continue with them when the free trials run out.  They also have cashback offers too!

Click here to sign up to OhMyDosh! today!

Don’t stop there! Check out this list of cashback sites UK

Receipt snapping apps to save money on healthy living purchases

Receipt snapping apps to save money on healthy living purchases

There are also a bunch of receipt snapping apps in the UK that allow you to save money on various healthy living purchases and your other purchases with receipts.

Some of these offer coupons for food items in-store, digitally via the smartphone app, and others let you take photos of your receipts to exchange for cash when you build up enough points. It’s a belated discount on your in-store purchases, if you will.

Many of them offer cashback on your healthy living receipts and some offer digital coupons on lots of healthy food and other food too!

Here are some of the best apps to use to make money from your healthy living receipts:

1.     Shoppix

Shoppix is a UK receipt snapping app.  As far as I can tell it accepts all UK receipts.  There’s an extra bonus if you snap the receipt same day and regular short surveys to earn more credits that can be exchanged for PayPal cash.

Enter code 52YFMN8U for 200 extra tokens when you snap your first receipt!  Sign up at


Use my Storewards invite code gz1sc and get 250 extra coins to spend at STOREWARDS on gift cards. 

Earn gift cards, including PayPal, by snapping your UK receipts at

3.  SnapMyEats

SnapMyEats is for UK food and drink receipts only.  You earn a £1 Amazon voucher per 3 receipts to a maximum of £5.  So snap 15 food and drink receipts in one calendar month to earn a £5 Amazon voucher.

4.   GreenJinn

GreenJinn is a UK coupon app that has digital coupons for the supermarkets each week.  They refresh on a Monday and if you buy any of the products then you can get the cash back by snapping your receipt.  You can withdraw the cash back to your PayPal or bank account.

See my full review here: Save money on healthy food at UK supermarkets with GreenJinn

5.   Shopmium

Save money at the supermarket with Shopmium and their coupons.  If you purchase an item featured on their app then simply snap your receipt, scan the product’s barcode and the cash back will be sent to your PayPal within a few days.

They’ve started to add more vegan stuff recently!

Use my referral link to get an item with 100% cashback in the app.  As I type it’s free Pringles, so it might not be a healthy food item!  Here it is: 

6.   CheckoutSmart

This is also a coupon app so you have to buy the exact products in the app to get the cashback.  If you buy something then select which item you have bought from the correct retailer and snap your receipt.  Once you have at least £5 cash back then you can withdraw.  If you have under £20 you will be charged a small fee, so it’s best to wait until you have over £20 in cashback to avoid the fee and get all your cashback.  They feature supermarkets, both online and in-store, plus loads of High Street retailers.  Here’s their website:

Wow! So easy to get saving on healthy living!

Phew! That’s quite a list of places you can save money on healthy living places and how to find cheaper green energy and home appliances too! Happy saving!

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Healthy living discount codes: save money & be good!

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