The importance of sustainably sourced wood

Wood Create

Understanding where wood comes from should be an important part of any person’s woodworking  journey, whether it’s for a professional job, a DIY project or home improvement, it’s important to ensure it’s from a sustainable source.  In this blog post I will explore what sustainable wood is, which wood should be avoided and why choosing sustainable wood is important.

When I first started out in woodworking I was mainly using reclaimed materials, but for those materials I need to buy, I put little or no thought into where they were coming from.  It was too easy to go and buy wood from a local retailer without any understanding or thought of the journey that wood had taken to get there.

As a family we are quite environmentally conscious.  We buy mostly organic food, buy 100% renewable energy from Bulb, have solar panels on our roof and recycle /…

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Apps to help make you more green

Check out today’s blog post I wrote for the Wood-Create blog.

Wood Create

There’s an app for everything, or so we might believe in today’s culture! Today I have a different post for you, but I’m sure Ben won’t mind as he loves tech and eco-friendly topics and this covers both!

With green living and sustainability being a hot topic this year and interest only set to keep growing, and rightly so, I wanted to explore if there were apps that helped people live more sustainable lives.  Although there are many not so eco-friendly apps that make us addicted to using more energy by playing games or checking social media, or even hiring vehicles, there are a rising number of apps that do have green living in mind and can even help us make greener choices.  In this blog post I am going to look at some of the green apps that are available to download for your smartphone.

Here are a few apps…

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Save money and the environment.  Get £50 discount by switching to renewable energy company Bulb!

Earlier this year we made the switch to a 100% renewable electricity energy company (10% green gas) and I’m so pleased we did.  It aligns more with our beliefs and our own journey of trying to lead more natural and eco-friendly lives.  Read on to discover the benefits of joining Bulb and how to get … Continue reading Save money and the environment.  Get £50 discount by switching to renewable energy company Bulb!