Supporting an elderly loved one adapt to old age

Getting older is a natural part of life, but it can still pose a lot of scary and daunting challenges. So, if you have an elderly parent or grandparent who is struggling, you will naturally want to help. If nothing else, it repays them for the support they provided during your childhood.

Given that you’ve never been through the changes, it may feel as though you’re not in a position to help. On the contrary, you can have a telling impact. Here’s how.

#1. Preparing for financial changes

First and foremost, hitting retirement age will change your parent’s financial situation. Their pension will provide some help, but there is a need to adapt to reduced capital levels. This is one area where your tech skills can come in very handy. From comparing energy prices and insurance quotes to finding out about senior discounts, your research can be pivotal. On a similar note, you can teach them how to live on a budget. Knowledge is power, even at an older age. If you’re able to impart wisdom, you should.

#2. Maintaining their health & independence

Physical changes are a natural part of growing older, and they can make daily tasks difficult. Live in care allows your loved one to receive the right level of support to stay healthy and safe without forcing them to leave their home. This establishes the perfect balance that should also feed into their happiness. Further steps could include helping with any home upgrades that could increase accessibility. Stairlifts, wet rooms, and lowered kitchen countertops are all good examples.

#3. Staying in touch with loved ones

As a loving relative, you will naturally want to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones. However, it’s not always possible when you lead a busy life. Moreover, you should appreciate that your elderly relative has a lot of other people that they want to stay in touch with. Therefore, setting them up with Facetime or Zoom could be crucial for enabling them to fight feelings of loneliness. They don’t have to become tech whizzes to see some of the social benefits that it can bring.

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#4. Thinking beyond retirement

Once your elderly relative has time to reflect on the new situation, they will start to think about once they’re gone. This does not need to be a morbid issue. It simply means that they are taking responsibility and ensuring that their surviving loved ones are supported. However, there is a lot of work to consider. So, if possible, you should help them with end-of life preparations. With these elements under control, they will finally be able to focus on actually enjoying retirement.

#5. Finding hobbies

Most people spend their lives wishing they didn’t have to work. When the routine is gone, though, boredom can creep in. Thankfully, there are many suitable activities to keep seniors socially and emotionally engaged. From rediscovering a hobby to creating new memories with other local seniors, the possibilities are endless. Meanwhile, creating ideas could potentially open the door to a source of side revenue to support them through later life. More importantly, they will be happy.

Above all else, your presence and support in this transitional period will provide emotional comfort.

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Supporting an elderly loved one adapt to old age

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