Halocline long length swimsuits review

Halocline long length swimsuits review

It was only when I started regularly swimming at the gym around five years ago that I realised I needed a long length swimsuit. Before this, I had only occasionally swum at the gym in bikinis which I wore at the beach and pool whenever on holiday. Now, swimming on a regular basis for fitness, I wanted a one-piece swimsuit rather than a bikini. I ordered a few online, back then, and was shocked that none of them fit the length of my body! At 5 foot 7 inches, I had never really thought about it before, but I am reasonably tall for a female and needed a tall swimsuit!

halocline long length swimsuits review

Since then I have worn swimsuits on a regular basis and have discovered that most regular stores don’t offer a long length swimsuit. One trick is to buy a swimsuit that has adjustable straps as these can usually be lengthened if you are tall for a better fit. However, a better option is to find a long length swimsuit online that is better suited to your longer figure and will look much better. One store that sells many of their beautiful one-piece swimsuits in a longer length too, is Halocline.

I was kindly approached by Halocline to try some of their swimwear and I will share my thoughts in this blog post.

Halocline long length swimsuits review

Halocline tall swimsuits – are they any good?

I chose three swimsuits from the Halocline website and once opened I immediately loved the leopard print costume. The bluey-green colour is one of my favourite colourways and I love a leopard print when it doesn’t look tacky! My daughter is currently nine and she loves leopard print too, so she was impressed too!

The leopard print was the first one I tried and I found it really easy to pull on. I have another brand of long swimsuits and their costumes are quite a struggle to pull up! They fit nicely once up, but it’s a wriggle and squeeze, whereas the Halocline swimsuit slid on perfectly. Easy to get on and off, and I believe it looks great when on too!

I love the leopard print style for a day with friends at the beach or for a dip in the hot tub at home. It’s funky and fun!

Halocline long length swimsuits review

I also chose a plain teal coloured swimsuit as well as a black with peacock blue stripes. These both fit beautifully too and are great for exercising in. They are very flexible and comfortable for swimming lengths at the pool, or even braving some wild swimming in the sea when I’m feeling brave enough for a dip without my wetsuit!

I am often in the water bodyboarding or kayaking, wearing a swimsuit or a bikini under my wetsuit. The Halocline swimsuits are great under the wetsuit as the three I chose are very silky and without any underwires or fastenings that cause irritation under a super tight wetsuit.

halocline long length swimsuits review

All three suits I ordered have adjustable straps meaning I can make the swimsuits fit perfectly and if they do stretch over time then I can shorten the straps to prolong their life, thus reducing waste and making these swimsuits last longer. Talking about eco-friendliness, each swimsuit contains recycled material, helping to reduce our impact on the environment even more.

As well as feeling good to wear with their silkiness, ease of getting into and long length, they also have flattering cuts and light control offering light tummy support. I like the feel and the cut of all three swimsuits I chose.

Whilst I would usually look to spend around £30 on a swimsuit, these do come in a little pricier at £39.50 to £40 per swimsuit for the items I reviewed. Having tried the swimsuits and being impressed with their comfort and cuts, I would spend the extra to get a swimsuit I know suits me and I am happy with. However, Halocline does have many reduced items on their website, some cheaper swimsuits than those I reviewed and, at the time of writing, you can sign up to their newsletter for a unique 10% off discount code when you’re ready to order. They also have free UK delivery if you spend over £30.

Halocline long length swimsuits review

Benefits of ordering long length swimwear from Halocline

  • Free UK delivery if you spend £30 (at the time of writing)
  • Free UK returns
  • Next working day delivery
  • 10% off if you sign up to the Halocline newsletter
  • Eco-friendly credentials: “eco-friendly Econyl, recycled nylon made from old plastic so every suit is helping reduce the amount of waste plastic in the environment”
  • Swimsuits for the whole family in all sorts of styles, colours, designs and sizes for every need
  • Chlorine resistant swimwear for those who regularly use the pool
halocline long length swimsuits review

Halocline in their own words

“Welcome to the home of Halocline Swimwear UK, a new and exclusive swimwear brand offering great quality and excellent value for all the family. Halocline swimsuits are made of the finest Italian fabrics created with the best raw materials and high-tech, innovative manufacturing. Some unique benefits of our ranges include highly chlorine resistant swimwear for those daily swimmers, Lycra Xtra Life for added comfort, Econyl® recycled nylon yarn for a more sustainable swimwear option or PBT performance fabric for more extreme water sports.

All our Halocline swimsuits are designed in the UK and offer fabulous prints and a great colour palette for all tastes and activities. Our top selling Women’s Abstract Kneesuit is available in multiple prints and comes in an extensive plus size range. All our suits are designed with comfort, functionality and style to create a suit that looks and feels great but will also last.”

Halocline long length swimsuits review

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  1. It’s great that companies are actually thinking this way now. In the past they never thought to take height into account.

    1. They’re super handy. I’m tallish at 5 foot 7 and can’t get on with most swimsuits from shops as they’re just not long enough. These are long and adjustable – perfect 🙂

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