Legal challenge to include vegan milk in schools on par with cow’s milk

Today I want to share with you a press release about how nurseries and schools only offer free cows milk to children and not a vegan alternative.  This is something we have experienced as my son has just started school and all the children get free cows milk.  Obviously as we are vegan I have … Read more

EU proposal to ban ‘meaty’ names up for debate in Parliament

Back in April I shared a press release with you about the EU proposal to ban vegan and vegetarian food from being called such names as ‘burgers’ and sausages’.  Well I’d hoped this ridiculousness had gone away and these very important people were spending their time on more important and pressing issues, but no.  It’s … Read more

Climate emergency: Shift to vegan diet vital to meet Paris targets, warns charity

Major political parties are being urged to include veganism at the centre of food and farming policies after declaring a national climate emergency. The Vegan Society is imploring politicians to “translate this announcement into action” by adopting policies that encourage plant-based diets, offer vegan food in public sector canteens and support farmers in moving away … Read more

EU want to ban meaty names like sausage and burger for vegan food

I’ve just received a press release and want to share it with you as I think it is so ridiculous.  I’ve already seen news of this happening on one of my favourite websites called Plant Based News where I highly recommend signing up to their weekly newsletters as you’ll get loads of the top plant … Read more