Riverford organic veg box review and £15 discount code!

We have been getting Riverford organic veg boxes for a few months now, so we want to share our honest thoughts. If you’re looking for a Riverford introductory offer then you’re in the right place. As an existing customer, we have a Riverford refer-a-friend link, which we’ll share so you can get a generous £15 off a Riverford fruit/veg box.

Read on to see what we think about Riverford organic veg box deliveries in our honest review. Plus, see how to grab a whopping £15 Riverford discount code with our special referral link, so you can try them yourself at a reduced price.

Riverford organic veg box review
Use our Riverford refer a friend link by clicking here and a £15 discount will be taken off your second delivery!

Riverford veg box review and benefits

We’ve been getting Riverford organic veg box deliveries for a few months and we are very happy customers so far! The whole process is so easy. It saves a trip to the supermarket so often for fresh veg, and it reduces the packaging waste we accumulated when buying organic veg from the supermarket.

I guess to stop the veg getting mixed up, most organic veg in the supermarket is still in plastic packaging which is annoying. Buying our veg from the supermarket has always resulted in so much packaging waste. It really irritates me as I know there are compostable solutions for plastic packaging and wraps made from plant-based materials that supermarkets can use.

It must be a cost thing. But if the government really wanted to tackle the plastic crisis then they would have banned plastic packaging ages ago. Especially since there have been more eco-friendly alternatives around for ages. Anyway, I digress. But the point is, we love the fact with a regular, weekly, organic vegetable box we don’t have any wasteful packaging! In fact, it’s zero waste!

Most of the vegetables come loose in the box. The box can be sent back to Riverford each week for re-use. What looks like plastic packaging is actually compostable and can also be sent back if you can’t compost in your local area. Some veg, like mushrooms, are protected in cardboard punnets with cardboard sleeves which can be reused or recycled.

riverford review discount code

Everything is organic which is also a plus. Sometimes when we go to the supermarket they are out of the organic veg we need, or they simply don’t stock organic versions of everything. With Riverford, we know everything we receive is grown organically.

It’s also convenient. Our box comes every week (you can choose a different frequency) and is left outside in our designated safe place first thing in the morning. It’s a lovely delivery to wake up to on a Monday morning – fresh veg for the week ahead. We are not disturbed. The driver leaves it in our safe place really early. Deliveries can be at different times though depending on the best route for each driver.

We like to support local farmers too. Riverford will source as much veg as they can from local farms before sourcing from further afield, reducing food miles.

To round up, the reasons we love our organic Riverford veg boxes are:

  • Less packaging waste
  • No plastic packaging
  • Everything is organic
  • Convenience
  • Supporting local farmers
  • Flexible – cancel or pause when you want
  • Easily stop deliveries when on holiday
  • Free delivery
  • £15 credit with the Riverford introductory offer! Use our link to get yours!

Is Riverford delivery free?

I almost forgot to mention – Riverford delivery is free! They do have a minimum spend of £15 if you decide to build your own box rather than ordering one of theirs.

Riverford discount code
Use our Riverford refer a friend link by clicking here and a £15 discount will be taken off your second delivery!

Riverford refer a friend

Another great thing about Riverford is its refer-a-friend scheme. Once you are a customer, you will get a link so you can refer friends and family to Riverford.

The person you refer will get £15 off their second Riverford veg box. You will also get £15 credit applied to your account as a thank you for referring someone. It’s a great deal. £15 off for a friend and £15 off for you too!

Not only will Riverford give your friend £15 off their second order, but they’ll plant a tree in your friend’s name too.

If you’re looking for a Riverford coupon code then simply Use our Riverford referral link by clicking here and a £15 discount will be taken off your second delivery!

Riverford introductory offer
Use our Riverford refer a friend link by clicking here and a £15 discount will be taken off your second delivery!

Riverford fruit box review

As well as getting fresh organic veg from Riverford each week, we also get fruit. There are mixed boxes of veg and fruit, veg only boxes and fruit only boxes.

We started with a mixed box, but then switched to veg only for a while and went to the supermarket for fruit as it was a little cheaper to buy organic fruit from the supermarket. But, after a while, I got annoyed with the unnecessary packaging and decided I’d rather support proper organic farmers and not necessarily organic fruit ‘factory’ production, so back to Riverford it was for our organic fruit!

Also, it does make it so much easier to have a box delivered each week instead of going to the supermarket. And it gives us more variety as the box of fruit changes each week, whereas the selection of organic fruit in the supermarket where we live is very limited.

The fruit is always fresh and we haven’t yet had any problems with it. It’s always very appetising, and colourful, and gives us some delicious healthy snacks to munch on whilst at home.

Reasons to get Riverford organic fruit boxes:

  • Colourful fresh fruit to your doorstep
  • Up your fruit intake with ease
  • Zero-waste packaging
  • Support organic farming methods
Riverford refer a friend
Use our Riverford refer a friend link by clicking here and a £15 discount will be taken off your second delivery!

Riverford and sustainability

The Riverford boxes simply fold down into flat-packed boxes which can be returned to Riverford to be reused for future deliveries. The driver will simply take them back each time if you leave them out wherever your new boxes will be left.

All the packaging is recyclable, reusable and/or compostable.

Riverford has a packaging promise:

“1. Our fruit and veg packaging is now paper or home compostable, where packaging is needed at all

2. Remove, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle is our mission

3. We think long term, balancing the three issues of climate change, marine and land pollution, and food waste”

riverford sign up
Use our Riverford refer a friend link by clicking here and a £15 discount will be taken off your second delivery!

Which is better Abel and Cole or Riverford?

Ah, the Riverford vs Abel and Cole debate!

We had previously used Abel and Cole for several years. The reason we changed to Riverford was down to a change in address and Abel and Cole not delivering in our new area.

As much as we were disappointed at first that Abel and Cole weren’t able to deliver to our new home, we have been just as impressed with Riverford. There isn’t much difference really. It’s pretty much the same service.

The only notable difference was with Abel and Cole we were able to change some of the items in some of the boxes if we didn’t like particular veg. We could choose to replace it with something else. It was a nice touch, but it’s not such a big deal that it would put us off using Riverford which doesn’t offer this.

In fact, when we couldn’t change the fruit and veg in earlier years with Abel and Cole it was actually beneficial in making us eat more of a variety and try new things.

We do also recommend Abel and Cole, so it’s down to your personal preference. Abel and Cole have an introductory offer which you can read about here, so why not try both services and choose the one that suits you the best?

Or, perhaps like us, only one of the companies delivers to your area so that will be the decision made for you!

riverford reviews
Use our Riverford refer a friend link by clicking here and a £15 discount will be taken off your second delivery!

Riverford introductory offer: £15 off

We have a Riverford refer a friend link so you can get £15 off your second organic fruit/veg box with their current Riverford new customer offer. 

When we signed up, we searched for a Riverford discount code and came across someone else sharing their refer-a-friend link. It was really easy to do, simply click our refer-a-friend link, enter your postcode to check they deliver to your area, then place your first order and get £15 credited to your account after it’s delivered. The £15 Riverford promo code will automatically be taken from your second order, so you’ll essentially get £15 worth of fruit and/or veg for free! Delicious!

Simply use our Riverford refer a friend link by clicking here and the £15 credit will be applied to your second delivery. 

They’ll plant a tree for each referral too!

Riverford veg box offer

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