We’re still alive after drinking distilled water for over 3 years

Just popped back into this post I wrote a few years ago to let you know we are still drinking distilled water over three years after starting! Read why in the original blog post below. Scroll down for a link to read the original blog post to learn what’s in tap water and why we distil all our drinking water at home. Distilled water has lots of benefits which I list in the below blog post. Click my name Healthy Vix below or scroll down for a link to read the original distilled water article 🙂

Healthy Vix

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Since the start of this year we have been drinking distilled water that we make in our home. It’s really easy to make your own distilled water at home and it has a lot of health benefits. I will share these in this blog post, but first, why did we decide to make the switch to distilled water for drinking?

Before changing to distilled water we had started buying bottled mineral water every week to use as drinking water in our household.Our tap water sometimes had a funny smell and didn’t taste great, so this is what first sparked my curiosity about what was in our tap water. It didn’t taste clean and the smell was really off putting when trying to drink it! The tap water often had a wet dog smell. Yuck!

Once I started researching what…

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What is whole body cryotherapy and the health benefits?

What is whole body cryotherapy and the health benefits?

Cryotherapy has, quite literally, become one of the ‘coolest’ health and well-being treatments in recent years. If you’re wondering what on Earth this latest health craze is, then put simply, it’s immersing yourself in a chamber with air frozen to temperatures extreme as minus 180 degrees Celsius! You may already be familiar with exposing your … Continue reading What is whole body cryotherapy and the health benefits?