Welcome to my blog, Healthy Vix, started on 14th January 2018.

My name is Victoria Sully and I’m a healthy mum of two.  In 2013 I decided to return to vegetarianism.  I’d already stopped smoking and drinking alcohol once pregnant at the end of 2011 and I decided not to return to these health destroying habits once my daughter Bella was born in 2012, but to instead continue on a healthier journey.

In 2017 I completed a whole year without eating anything containing refined sugar.  I still don’t buy anything containing added sugar at home, but I don’t now restrict myself when eating out in restaurants.  It was so hard to eat in restaurants for a whole year and I mostly had to order sides of undressed salad and vegetables!  So in 2018 I decided I would eat whatever I liked off a menu again when eating out only, which is only once or twice a month usually.

Turning vegan

By the end of 2017 I changed to a completely plant-based diet.  I had already started cutting out a lot of dairy and had been interested in the vegan diet for quite some time.  I made the decision and I’ve never looked back.

I read, watch and research plant based nutrition most days.  I have done for several years now.  I love watching food documentaries and reading the latest plant based news articles.  Early in 2018 I read The China Study by T Colin Campbell and it totally confirmed everything I had already been reading and watching.   I will never return to eating meat or dairy.

Another great read is The Food Revolution by John Robbins.  If you don’t want to change to a plant based diet to stop the needless death and cruelty to animals, then do it for your own health or do it for the environment.  There are just so many reasons it is worth becoming vegan. I do it for all three of these reasons, but there are so many reasons to go plant based.

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Being eco-friendly

I’ve become increasingly concerned about our planet and how my choices affect the environment around us.  Choosing to eat organic is a part of this as it is not only for my own health, but for the good of the planet too.  We have made a lot of changes in our home to be eco friendly and live in a less toxic environment.  It’s something we continue to research and implement.

Being healthy is the whole thing to me, not just what we eat.  It’s a healthy home environment, healthy air, healthy food, healthy life and a healthy Earth.

Keeping fit and healthy

I regularly go to the gym and love being active.  I believe if you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you look good.  It’s a good circle.  Looking and feeling good comes with nourishing my body with the best quality foods and correct nutrients.  I’m a big fan of superfoods and supplement my smoothies and take tablets such as spirulina daily.  Being fit and healthy is an obsession to me.  It’s the best obsession you can have though in my opinion!

What we put in and on our bodies is so important.  It affects our health not only now, but in the future.  I want to safeguard my health by making the right choices today.

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Green beauty

In 2013 I stopped buying mainstream beauty products and started cutting out anything with parabens and SLS.  I’d read a lot about parabens after noticing packaging said ‘paraben free’ and over the past few years I’ve gone natural and minimal with my beauty routine.

I love reading alternative news and I guess I could be labelled as ‘alternative’ for my food and shopping choices, but I kind of hate that term.  To me all this ‘alternative’ stuff should be the norm.  Since when did consuming and wearing chemicals become the norm and everything else become labelled as being different?  It makes no sense to me.

Other interests

I already have a UK lifestyle and money blog where I’ve been blogging since 2013 about all sorts of things including blogging, business, home, garden, family lifestyle, making money from home and also my eco friendly/healthy living passion.   I also have a travel blog.

Healthy Vix is somewhere me to only write about this healthy side of my lifestyle as it’s what I am most passionate about.

My husband Ben (aka Handyman Ben) makes handmade reclaimed furniture and you can find us both blogging at his website Wood-Create.  I’m a bit of a blogaholic!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my healthy living blog.



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