Why I drink distilled water

benefits distilled water

Click here to see the distiller we use and highly recommend! Since January 2018 we have been drinking distilled water, that we make ourselves at our home in the UK. We use distilled water as our drinking water in our home and when out and about in reusable water bottles.  If you’re wondering, can distilled … Read more

Who Gives A Crap review and discount code (+ 10 tips to reduce bathroom plastic waste)

Originally posted in 2019 and updated in 2022. Reducing plastic is hot news.  Plastic is literally suffocating our planet, killing animals and is even toxic to us coming back in the food chain to those who eat fish from the sea.  Kind of like karma really.  Even if it wasn’t poisonous to us, we should … Read more

Riverford organic veg box review and £15 discount code!


We have been getting Riverford organic veg boxes for a few months now, so we want to share our honest thoughts. If you’re looking for a Riverford introductory offer then you’re in the right place. As an existing customer, we have a Riverford refer-a-friend link, which we’ll share so you can get a generous £15 … Read more

EnVision App review: how visualization exercises can change your life

how visualization exercises can change your life

Visualization is a technique used by many people to improve their lives.  From becoming more successful, less stressed, more positive or achieving goals, there are many ways to use visualization exercises to become a better person, more motivated or to chase your dreams and quite literally change your life.   But what exactly is visualization and … Read more