Who Gives A Crap review and discount code (+ 10 tips to reduce bathroom plastic waste)

Originally posted in 2019 and updated in 2022.

Reducing plastic is hot news.  Plastic is literally suffocating our planet, killing animals and is even toxic to us coming back in the food chain to those who eat fish from the sea.  Kind of like karma really.  Even if it wasn’t poisonous to us, we should still be doing something about it.  Littering our home planet Earth with throwaway plastics is not cool and a big tidy-up and change in attitudes is needed.  In this blog post, I will share a plastic-free UK brand I have discovered called Who Gives A Crap, a discount code to try them yourself, as well as some tips on reducing plastic waste in your bathroom.

Many people are going plastic-free and we are definitely making changes in our own household.  We are not totally plastic-free or zero-waste, but I do admire those who are.  That takes some dedication and is very impressive.  As a busy family of four with young children, plastic is an everyday part of our lives.

Just look around your room.  I bet you’ll be surprised at the number of things that are made of plastic that you haven’t realised – window sills, window frames, TV edges, toys, bottles, remote controls… the list goes on and on.  That’s simply what I can see from sitting on my bed as I type this!

Plastic is a big part of our everyday lives and it’s not going to totally disappear any time soon or perhaps ever, but the big problem is the throwaway plastics we use and especially single-use plastic.  These are pieces of plastic we only use once and then throw out or put in the recycling bin.  The worst is of course the ones that can’t be recycled, but even if they can be, are you sure they are really recycled?

You might be shocked to discover not all recyclables end up being reused: Plastic is not fantastic – the dirty secret of where our recycling really goes

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Who Gives A Crap UK review and discount code

I’m always keen to discover more ways we can reduce our reliance on plastic and try new products at the same time.  This is why I got quite excited when I first saw an advert on Instagram for the brand Who Gives A Crap.  The very clever and attention-grabbing name is for a brand of toilet roll that is on a mission to do good.

I was sucked in by the name and the pretty toilet rolls in the pictures.  They are all wrapped individually in colourful and patterned paper with no plastic in sight.

I’d bought some loo roll from our local Tesco before that was wrapped in paper and thought it was brilliant.  I even got home and told Ben about it.  Of course, I bought some too.  The next time I went in it wasn’t there.  I’ve no idea why.  The whole aisle was just toilet rolls wrapped in non-recyclable single-use plastic.  Arg! 

I thought they were about to sell something plastic-free and do something good, but they either changed their mind or sales weren’t strong enough perhaps.  I don’t know, but it’s frustrating and the supermarkets should be pushing all the brands that are more eco-friendly and forcing us to buy them.

So I was pretty happy when I found Who Gives A Crap online and no longer feel forced to have to buy loo roll with pointless plastic waste wrapped around it when there is an alternative.

They did seem expensive at first at £36 for 48 rolls, but they are double length rolls, so that’s effectively 96 rolls for £36.  I swear the rolls we used to get, either Waitrose recycled 9 packs or Tesco recycled 9 packs, weren’t even full rolls.  They were so squishy and we’d get through 1-1.5 rolls a day.  Not kidding!  These last a couple of days at least and you can’t squeeze them down for love of trying.

I just did a price comparison too.  So I’d usually buy the Waitrose ones on offer at Ocado when they are two for £6, so £3 per 9 rolls.  For 98 that would be £32.66, so a bit cheaper than Who Gives A Crap but only when they are on offer.  BUT there are more reasons than prices as to why I am now choosing to buy the WGAC loo rolls instead…

(The prices have gone up in 2022. I originally started buying these and first wrote this post in 2019 when I did the price comparison)

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6 reasons to try Who Gives A Crap toilet roll

  1. NO PLASTIC – That’s right, there’s no plastic which means no guilt. The rolls are wrapped in paper wrapping for hygiene reasons which can obviously be recycled. Plus it’s a patterned or colourful wrap, or both, which looks great on your bathroom side and the paper is perfect to be reused for kids’ crafts or even wrapping paper!
  2. THE SOFTEST RECYCLED TOILET ROLL – Yep the loo roll is recycled so you can feel good about that, but it’s super soft!  We’ve had years of using recycled loo rolls from supermarkets which are always so obviously recycled and we could tell as they are much rougher than other toilet rolls, but it was a sacrifice we made to support recycling.  The Who Gives A Crap toilet rolls are amazingly soft!  Of course, they might not be as soft as your usual rolls that aren’t recycled, but I actually think they are even better.  Some new loo rolls have that annoying fluff/powder feel, but these ones are super soft with none of that – a solid texture and feel.  The ones we get are made from recycled office paper!
  3. NO INKS, DYES OR SCENTS – The loo rolls are good for your bum as no nasties are used on them.
  4. 50% OFF PROFITS GO TO CHARITY – Not only are you supporting zero waste, no plastic and recycling, but WGAC donate a whopping 50% of their profits to building toilets for those in need.  So you are perhaps paying a tiny bit extra for your recycled loo roll, but you are helping a good cause and giving to charity at the same time.  They’ve donated over £1 million to date!
  5. NEVER RUN OUT OF LOO ROLL AGAIN – These are delivered in bulk and you can sign up for this eco-friendly subscription so you never have to shop for loo roll again or run out.  Just set your delivery to come as often as you need it to and enjoy the convenience of it being delivered directly to your door.
  6. SAVE THE TREES – they are made without trees as they only use 100% recycled materials such as office paper.  Most loo rolls are made with brand new trees.  That’s not being very eco-friendly, is it?

Who Gives A Crap discount code £5 off

I have a discount code for £5 off your first order if you want to try them for yourself.  Simply click my link to get £5 off if you spend at least £36 and you’re a new customer.

10 tips to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom

Buying Who Gives A Crap toilet paper is a great way to reduce some of the single-use plastic waste from your bathroom which is usually non-recyclable too and ends up in a landfill.  Here are a few more ways to reduce plastic in your bathroom:

  1. Switch to a throwaway bamboo toothbrush instead of a throwaway plastic one
  2. Use wooden or paper cotton buds instead of plastic ones.
  3. Use finished plastic toothbrushes for cleaning.  They last for ages and are great for cleaning grout or hard-to-reach corners or edges of windows, particularly if you need to clean away mould.
  4. Use an electric toothbrush – this at least reduces the plastic waste that regular throwaway plastic toothbrushes cause.  There are even some that are made from 100% recycled materials if you search.
  5. Stop buying so many products – for example, do you really need shampoo, conditioner, a hair mask, detangler spray and shine spray for your hair?  I used to use all these products, but now I just use a shampoo which doubles up as a shower gel too.
  6. Use less product – reduce how much product you use from your shampoo and shower gel bottles.  Try halving the size of the blobs you use which will save money and stop you from buying plastic bottles so often.
  7. Even better, switch to shampoo bars and soap that is wrapped in paper and not plastic to totally cut out the plastic waste.
  8. Stop using throwaway plastic razors and use a company like FFS to get a metal razor handle and razor blades delivered.  Don’t throw the blades away after a single use, but use them for as long as possible.  Mine can last a few weeks and are much better quality than the cheap plastic razors I used to buy that created a lot more plastic waste.  Even better, if you’re shaving the right areas for one, then learn to shave with a traditional metal razor and cut out the plastic altogether.
  9. Swap face wipes for reusable flannels and face cloths or choose a biodegradable brand.
  10. Choose organic biodegradable and compostable tampons and sanitary wear instead of synthetic brands with plastic applicators and wrappers.

Final word

There’s a saying that goes “you can’t help everyone, but you can help someone”.  I think it’s the same with the environment.  For many of us, it’s not realistic to go totally plastic-free or zero waste overnight, but so long as we all start making some changes and increasing these changes over time then it’s going to start making a difference.

Once we are aware of our choices and more conscious of their impact on the environment we will begin to make better choices. See if you can make any of the changes mentioned above to start helping our planet today.

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