What is medical tourism and why do people do it?

Every year, millions of people travel to foreign countries to receive medical treatments. This is known as ‘Medical Tourism’. People will usually choose to undergo procedures such as plastic surgery abroad so that they have access to medical care at a significantly lower cost than they would at home.

But is it just cheaper costs that lead this large amount of people to board planes to undergo their medical treatment abroad?

Here are some of the reasons people choose medical tourism.

What is medical tourism and why do people do it

Why medical tourism?

Aside from the cost of treatment, one obvious reason for people to opt for treatment overseas is the availability (or lack thereof) of the treatment in their own countries. It could also be the case that they want to get the treatment from a country that is established in performing those procedures or if they have better access to medical technology meaning they can have the treatment sooner than they would at home. This is especially the case in nations where access to public healthcare is extremely limited. People choosing medical tourism where they can means that they will reduce waiting list times allowing others to access the treatment faster. 

Facts about medical tourism

Medical tourism is a worldwide, multi-billion dollar industry that just keeps on growing. In 2019 alone, it was estimated that over a million Americans travelled to another country to receive medical treatment for procedures ranging from dentistry, cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments, and heart surgery. 

Most medical tourists will pay for their care and treatment with cash, while also relying on medical concierge services or private companies to help them find the best available facilities out of the country. 

The growth in the medical tourism industry has meant that some employers and insurers have grown close to the main practitioners in these other countries to help to control the costs of these treatments. Some medical schools in the US have developed initiatives with these overseas providers

How can these treatments stay so affordable? 

One of the main reasons that you will find some of the procedures to be cheaper overseas is due to the labour costs being significantly lower. The price of some of the medications and supplies needed to perform the procedures is also significantly lower, meaning that the overall costs can be kept lower.
Finally, the living costs in some of the most popular Medical Tourism spots are lower than that of certain parts of the United States of America. 

Should you choose medical tourism for your treatment? 

Medical Tourism is designed to allow people to get the medical treatment they need when they need it, and at a significantly more affordable price. People have been known to save thousands of dollars by opting to undergo some medical treatments overseas, as well as being able to improve their quality of life sooner. 

People who seek to have their medical treatments abroad put their health in the very best hands by giving people the opportunity to access the most highly qualified doctors in the world. 

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  1. I know of a few people who’ve done this. I agree that it can be a really good option, with enough research.


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