Truth & Awakening Introduction

Where do I start?

I’ve been debating whether to start this category for a long time.

Here, I’m going to give a short introduction to this category and what you can expect to find.

Truth and Awakening: Unveiling the Reality

Welcome to the new Truth and Awakening section of my blog! After much contemplation, I have decided to create this category to share my thoughts, discoveries, and experiences on a subject that has deeply intrigued me for a long time.

In this section, I aim to provide you with a unique perspective that sets it apart from the rest of my blog. Here, you will find not only written articles but also captivating videos and thought-provoking images. It’s like a curated feed of content that has impacted me, sparked my curiosity, and stimulated my critical thinking. This section is specifically designed for those who, like me, are on a quest for truth, answers and are undergoing their own awakening.

Now, let me dive into why I am so passionate about this topic. My journey into what my friend refers to as “truthing” (a term I prefer to conspiracy theories) began years ago. However, it intensified during the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic when I became acutely aware of the corruption, deception, and propaganda disseminated through mainstream news outlets. I witnessed experts and professionals attempting to present factual evidence that contradicted the official narrative, only to be silenced, blocked and dismissed without fair consideration of their findings. This blatant disregard for truth troubled me deeply.

So how did I get into all of this?  What was my awakening?

My background in theology, philosophy, and ethics, gained through my studies in school and university, primed me for questioning the unanswered and exploring uncharted territories.  There were various events in my life that led me to question manmade religion as well as the safety of “safe” medication and contraceptives from the doctors… but most of this questioning was put aside as I embraced a lifestyle of partying in my late teens and early twenties… until I decided to settle down and start a family…

… My pursuit of truth and awakening was retriggered when my daughter was just one year old. It was during this time that I began to realise the disheartening truth about the safety of the products and foods we consume.

As I delved deeper into researching the ingredients in mainstream products, I uncovered shocking truths about the potentially harmful substances hidden within them. The same applied to the food we consume, where I discovered that certain ingredients banned in some countries were still allowed in others. This eye-opening revelation quickly became an obsession, leading me to switch to natural beauty and cleaning products, as well as explore natural alternatives for maintaining a healthy home environment.

The more I learned, the more I realised that our society was being poisoned in various ways. The products we apply to our bodies, the food we ingest, and the chemicals we surround ourselves with are all contributors to the decline in our overall well-being. It is no wonder that health issues have become increasingly prevalent. This awakening led me to question everything around me, even our tap water, which prompted me to switch to drinking distilled water.

As my journey progressed, I became aware of the corruption within the meat and dairy industries. I immersed myself in documentaries, natural health resources, and the experiences of individuals who had nothing to gain by sharing their knowledge. I witnessed scientists being ostracised from their fields for presenting inconvenient truths that challenged the status quo and threatened the financial interests of powerful industries. It became evident to me that the world was not as it seemed, and that an underlying force of evil had infiltrated various aspects of our lives.

While I support certain causes, such as caring for the planet, I have come to realise that the reasons we are being given are often steeped in corruption and manipulation. Many companies engage in “greenwashing” to deceive consumers, while influential individuals and corporations continue to engage in practices that harm the environment without facing consequences. The climate change agenda is rife with hypocrisy, as the privileged few offset their carbon footprint while ordinary people are burdened with fines and restrictions. These inconsistencies and double standards highlight the broader systemic issues we face.

Apologies for the rambling; my mind is teeming with ideas and thoughts, making it challenging to condense everything coherently. Returning to my journey, I must emphasise that COVID-19 served as a catalyst for my awakening. It exposed a multitude of lies, prompting me to question the world around me even further. Although the world has only become stranger since then, I find myself continually drawn to similar themes and reaching similar conclusions.  Although it doesn’t all seem related at first, I am finding a connection between everything that seems corrupt in the world and an underlying cause.

Recently, I have been fascinated by topics related to energy, frequencies, and vibrations. I have explored concepts such as raising vibrations to overcome evil, spreading positivity, and the profound impact our thoughts can have on ourselves and the world. It has become increasingly clear to me that we are all interconnected, and consciousness is the fabric that weaves us together.

This newfound interest has led me down intriguing paths, exploring concepts such as cymatics, water memory, and the profound influence of energy. There’s a famous saying, “There’s something in the water…” which resonates deeply with me as I continue to unravel the mysteries of existence, what really is in our water and how water, the key to life, could matter far more than we realise.

I may seem to go off on tangents, but my head is buzzing with countless ideas that I struggle to articulate. Nonetheless, I am beginning to grasp the notion that a greater force of evil permeates our world, explaining many of the phenomena we encounter.  And, ultimately, it’s all connected.

This force of evil can be seen in the way COVID-19 unfolded, with fear being deliberately propagated to keep vibrations low. It is evident in the acceptance of harmful chemicals in our daily lives, both in personal care products and food. The influence of this force can also be witnessed in the societal embrace of alcohol while stigmatising natural herbs and plants with healing potential. Additionally, it becomes apparent when pharmaceuticals are prioritised over addressing root causes, perpetuating a cycle of illness and low vibrations. The profitability of war, disease, poverty, and climate change further underscores the pervasive influence of this force.

However, despite these challenges, I believe that good can prevail. Spreading negativity, fear, and illness is an effective method of keeping people subdued and under control. But it is much harder to manipulate individuals who are happy, healthy, and possess critical thinking abilities.

Over the years, I have accumulated a wealth of information that I have eagerly shared with my husband and friend. Just lately I have met more people with shared interests and it’s confirmed my decision to start a category dedicated to this on my healthy living blog.  This new category provides me with a platform to compile, organise and share the numerous resources I have come across. From engaging videos to captivating books, this section will be a repository of content that aligns with the themes I have discussed.

There is so much more to explore, countless individuals I follow, and an ever-growing reading list. However, I will leave it at that for now. I realise this introduction has become lengthier than intended, but there is simply so much to say.

To summarise, this new category, “Truth & Awakening” serves as a space for me to share the fascinating discoveries and insights I have encountered on my journey. It will encompass a wide range of topics that resonate with me, those mentioned above and many more. Occasionally, I may also share my own musings and ruminations.

Thank you for joining me on this extraordinary expedition into truth and awakening. Let’s embark on this transformative journey together.


It’s going to be slightly different to the rest of my blog in that I’ll sometimes simply share videos or images; a feed, if you will, of things that impact me, I find fascinating, make me think, are powerful or worth considering.  


Monday 10th July 2023 –


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