Erbology review: powerful plant based food

I’ve been vegan since January 2018 and before this I was vegetarian for several years. Throughout these diet choices I have always been passionate about plant based eating through a diet stuffed full of as many organic wholefoods as possible, including superfoods.

I’ve been an advocate for many superfoods and take several each day such as aloe vera, spirulina and turmeric. I regularly drink homemade smoothies made from fresh fruits and veggies, to which I add a scoop of various superfood powders to boost its nutritional power.

Whilst the term superfood gets thrown about, it’s meant to address foods which have a particularly high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. A food that is superior in its nutritional quality, providing our bodies with a powerful hit of nutrients that are very beneficial to our health.

I’ve become pretty accustomed to the superfoods I eat every day, with them becoming habitual, a normal part of my daily routine. So it was really refreshing to receive a bundle of samples from online plant-based food company Erbology to try, including many ingredients that I hadn’t yet come across or researched.

Erbology review

Erbology has a really beautiful website filled to the brim with powerful plant-based food, snacks, powders and drinks. Their aim is to make the power of plants easily accessible through the delicious food they create using many rare plant-based ingredients they source globally.

Whether you want these amazing nourishing ingredients in a ready-made snack and drink, or a powder or oil that you can add to your own recipe creation, Erbology have it covered. There’s a large selection from raw ingredients to energy balls, granolas and crackers so you can experience these amazing superfoods however is most convenient for you.

Erbology don’t just talk the talk, but they walk the walk too. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Erbology food:

  • 100% vegan
  • 100% organic
  • No added sugar
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Sourced from small scale, independent farmers
  • High ethical standards
  • Recyclable and biodegradable packaging wherever possible

Let’s take a look at the products I was kindly gifted, their benefits and my thoughts.

Erbology Tigernut Granola Nopal

The first thing I tried was the Tigernut Granola Nopal. I had a bowlful for lunch and it was really satisfying. I love granola, but most mainstream brands fill their granola with added sugars or syrups, so I often avoid buying it. It’s always refreshing to discover a no-added-sugar brand of granola and one that does no disappoint.

The granola pieces are not too hard and stuffed full of healthful ingredients. I love tigernuts and they are usually so hard, but chopped down and blended with other ingredients in a granola makes them much easier to eat.

The small rectangular shape of the granola makes it perfect for an on-the-go snack too. Whilst I did enjoy a bowl of this granola with coconut milk drink, I also took them dry as a snack when we took a coastal walk to Brean Down Fort at the weekend. They are yummy both wet and dry!

The best part is the granola is full of natural ingredients:

  • tigernuts
  • dates
  • sprouted buckwheat
  • apples
  • raisins
  • sunflower seeds
  • chia seeds
  • linseeds
  • nopal powder
  • pumpkin seeds
  • nutmeg
  • clove
  • cinnamon
  • cardamom
  • vanilla extract
  • sea salt

What is nopal?

The stand out ingredient in the granola has to be ‘nopal’. I’d not heard of this ingredient before, but it’s actually a cactus better known as the prickly pear cactus!

Erbology say “commonly found in Mexican dishes, nopal cactus is rich in fibre, calcium, magnesium and flavonoids – phytonutrients that help our bodies fight oxidative stress.”

Erbology Organic Aloe Vera Shot

I’ve been drinking a shot of aloe vera for around one year now and I love it’s cleansing properties on the digestive system.

If you have trouble with being regular then start drinking a shot of aloe vera every day. It works wonders!

Erbology sell organic aloe vera juice in handy shot sized bottles, perfect for travel and ease of use.

The taste of aloe vera is pretty unique and can take some getting used to. If it’s hard to swallow then simply add the Erbology Aloe Vera Shot to a smoothie or juice to disguise the flavour.

What are the health benefits of aloe vera?

Erbology say “Thanks to its cleansing and alkalising properties, aloe vera helps keep your body balanced, hydrated and nourished. Extracted from the inner leaf, our aloe vera juice contains over 1600mg of acemannan polysaccharide. Research shows acemannan polysaccharide to have positive health benefits for the immune and digestive systems, such as improving overall cellular metabolism and aiding in the absorption of water, minerals and nutrients.”

Erbology Organic Bergamot Shot

Another newbie to me. Bergamot is a bitter citrus fruit that is often found in perfume. It’s also the star ingredient to flavour Earl Grey tea, so you may have consumed it in tea without ever knowing!

Again, these Erbology Bergamot Shots come in handy portion sized bottles, great for on the go. I took mine as part of a packed lunch on a countryside walk to enjoy as a refreshment whilst walking.

It has a sharp citrus taste, but strangely pleasant at the same time.

What are the health benefits of bergamot?

Bergamot has a whole range of health benefits:

  • boost collagen production
  • support immunity
  • rich in vitamin C
  • source of valuable polyphenols
  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduce cholesterol
  • promote healthy digestion
  • reduce stress

Erbology Sweet Almond Organic Cold-Pressed Oil

Not just for food, this Erbology Sweet Almond Oil is also beneficial when applied topically to skin as a nourishing, moisturising oil. Apply to dry skin to soothe or use as a non-greasy massage oil.

Erbology say “almond oil nourishes your body and skin with healthy fats, vitamins and phytonutrients… Source of vitamin E and vitamin A that help your body fight free radicals”.

These oils come in lovely recyclable glass bottles that would make a great gift also.

Erbology Milk Thistle Organic Cold-Pressed Oil

Milk thistle is something that I’ve heard of, but as far as I’m aware I hadn’t consumed before.

This is oil is not suitable for heating up, so avoid adding it to your cooking, but with its light and nutty taste you can add the oil to smoothies, porridge or drizzle directly onto salads or plant based steaks.

Like the almond oil, you can also apply Erbology Milk Thistle Oil directly to the skin to nourish with its high vitamin E content.

What are the benefits of Erbology oils?

  • cold pressed
  • non-gmo
  • organic
  • gluten-free
  • no additives
  • recyclable bottle

Erbology Milk Thistle Raw Organic Powder

As well as a milk thistle oil, you can also choose Erbology Milk Thistle Powder as a great detox ingredient to add to your food.

Milk thistle powder has powerful cleansing properties, particularly for the liver, amongst many other health benefits which I will list below.

Its brown colour and rough, fibrous texture makes it ideal to mix into homemade mueslis, sneak into biscuit mixtures and pancakes, or even sprinkle on top of savoury homemade dishes like pasta bake or lentil pie.

As you only need to use a teaspoon, the 150g pot from Erbology will last a long time.

What are the health benefits of milk thistle?

Milk thistle has numerous health benefits as shared by Medical News Today:

  • Supports liver health
  • Promotes skin health
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Supports weight loss
  • Reduces insulin resistance
  • Improves allergic asthma symptoms
  • Limits the spread of cancer
  • Supports bone health
  • Improves cognition
  • Boosts the immune system

Final thoughts on Erbology

I’m really impressed by all the Erbology products I was sent to sample. I love the eco-friendly packaging, their passion about nutrient dense plant-based food and their ethics when it comes to supporting independent farmers.

All the food I tried was high quality and it’s impressive their entire range is organic, vegan friendly and free from added sugar. There’s no need to check every single ingredient label when shopping at Erbology as they only use natural, gluten-free ingredients.

Erbology use a lot of powerful plant-based ingredients that aren’t widely used, making them a unique place to shop for the health conscious.

Find them on their own website at or at popular retailers such as Ocado, Planet Organic and more.

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