Dealing with a crisis, it’s important to get the help you need

Dealing with a crisis is essential to try and allow the person to return to their normal routine and functioning. Dealing with a crisis is not easy, and involves a lot of mental exertion. At the same time, it holds the potential for growth and personal empowerment. However, when this coincides with an accident that wasn’t your fault, naturally you feel a little more deflated, especially if it is affecting your work, or if the injury was caused at work. Firstly, you must ignore the stigma related to getting help from an injury lawyer; you are well within your rights to do so. You may want to chat to a group of experienced personal injury attorneys for more information.

Lifelong crises

Coping with crises unfolds throughout life. Life invites us unexpected surprises, which require us to mobilize the intensity of the soul and can lead to a heavy mental load. These crises are especially common during periods characterized naturally by many changes, such as the adolescent crisis, a middle life crisis and even after retirement. In addition, dealing with a crisis may occur in the face of the emergence of negative changes, some of them predictable, some surprising. On the one hand, it invites difficulty and challenge that provoke difficult feelings, on the other hand, it has an opportunity for growth and empowerment, out of the success of coping with the difficulty. You can come out of the other end with a stronger sense of self and a way to move forwards in other difficult situations.

Indications of a crisis

A mental crisis is characterized by damage to the individual’s mental balance. This may manifest in several ways:

1. Emotional injury – the appearance of negative emotions such as depression and feelings of anxiety.

2. Functional impairment – gathering at home, severing social ties, reducing activities and more. 

3. Physical injury – disturbances in eating habits, difficulty sleeping, etc.

How can I get treated?

In many cases, coping with a crisis is conducted successfully and independently, thanks to the person’s mental resilience, their ability to overcome difficulties and adapt to changes. In addition, coping with a crisis is made possible in many cases thanks to the circles of support that surround the person – family and close friends are able to help in times of distress. However, this isn’t always the case at work. Therefore it is vital to know who to speak with at work and have access to a support team there. If you need to take time off, then you must do so. You must not feel guilt in doing this and you must know that your mortgage can still be paid on time. However, there are cases where such support is insufficient and professional help is needed of course. If you feel you need this, there are websites to assist. 

Any crisis caused by physical or mental problems, can lead to feeling withdrawn, but this is something that you must deal with appropriately. You have the power to overcome your anxiety.

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  1. This is very encouraging, thank you. It can pay to think about this, and put together a plan for accessing support, while you’re feeling better, so you’re not having to come up with ideas at a time when you’re already struggling.


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