‘Topping up’ your best self

be your best self

From time to time, we need a nice ‘reset.’ For some people, this might involve a makeover, or a new diet and exercise regime, or simply having their hair redone. In this way, we can feel back to normal, back to a sense of being ‘updated,’ and of course, it’s a good way to brush the dust of the recent past from your shoulder and feel like you can start anew.

Topping up your best self is even more important, then, after a year of societal lockdown, a year of trying to dodge COVID-19, and a year of remote work or looking after your family at home full time. In other words, this might be more of a prescription for good internal wellbeing rather than a friendly suggestion, but of course, we’ll leave that up to your own discretion.

With that in mind, we believe you could gain some real value from some of the following advice. Without further ado, let’s discuss how a ‘top up’ can not only be a nice reset, but set you up for the future in the best possible light:

Proper dentistry

It’s good to care for our style, of course, but sometimes, careful attendance to the ‘you’ beneath all the clothing and accessories can be healthy. Dentistry is a good place to start, because visiting a general dentist can help you unlock the best of your dental hygiene and make sure that each smile you give need not be insecure, but totally radiant and proud. More to the point, good dentistry can, of course, improve the health of your dental environment, which in turn helps you feel good. When you feel good, you look good.  It’s not just those regular check-ups that help, but hygienist appointments too.  Not always the most pleasant of appointments, but your teeth and gums are guaranteed to feel so clean afterwards!


Great skincare is of course essential, but it’s important to remember that what might work for one person may not work for another. That means having a little fun trying a few different products, ordering sample packs, and considering just what kind of lotions and applications you’d like to use can help you feel more empowered in taking care of your skin, instead of feeling as though matching some impossible standard is necessary. This especially goes for if you have skin prone to breakouts, as it might mean that totally neutral skin lotions are essential, in order to prevent irritations.  Opt for natural beauty products with high quality ingredients, such as organic ingredients to avoid traces of chemicals in the products.

A stretching regime

A stretching regime will help you feel less compact and tight when waking up each day. It’s good to wake up and express yourself by stretching, because it helps you iron out all of your kinks and aids you in feeling a little more alert. Taking several deep breaths and walking outside to take a few lungfuls of fresh air can also be beneficial, too. The same goes for going to bed, a few stretches can help you work off the tension of the day and sleep soundly. Sometimes, the best ‘top up’ you need comes from a little daily maintenance, not purchasing a product or having a treatment done.  If you’ve no idea where to begin when it comes to stretching, simply start with some beginners yoga videos which you can find for free on YouTube.

With this advice, we hope you can top up your best self and feel like the best version of you – no matter what.

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