Dare motivational shake review + £10 discount code [vegan friendly]

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Since the rise of a plant-based lifestyle and wholefood diet has been rising in popularity in recent years, many companies and brands have been stepping up their game to create delicious foods which serve a healthful purpose and contain natural, planet-friendly and body-friendly ingredients.

This is true of the cool brand Dare Motivation who have stepped up to create a range of delicious vegan meal replacement shakes using natural, wholesome ingredients.

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dare motivational shakes review

Not only can Dare motivational shakes be used as a healthy snack or as a vegan meal replacement shake, but they could be used as diet shakes (if that’s your thing) or even as weight loss shakes to kickstart a healthy eating routine. They are nutritionally balanced to keep you full and healthy.

Very kindly, Dare sent me samples of their motivational shakes to try myself. Read on for my review to learn more about who Dare are and what I thought of their plant-based shake offering.

dare motivational shakes review

Who are Dare Motivation?

Dare is a small family run business by two parents who have three kids and are on a mission to make their dream a reality. 

When you buy from Dare you aren’t buying from a huge corporation, but you’re supporting an individual business with values.

Dare aims to bring you a “functional food”.  Not a food aimed at weight loss or focusing on macros or other essential nutrients, but a whole functional food that can aid your fitness goals and nutritional needs, but also has benefits to your overall health, emotion and mental and physical performance.

Whilst they don’t want to tout it as a weight-loss shake or meal replacement shake, it can be used as such.  It’s a “nutritionally complete powdered plant-based beverage that can be used as a nutritious snack or as part of a meal plan”.

Click here to learn more about Dare and their mission.

dare motivational shakes review

Dare motivational shakes review

My husband and I have been enjoying these shakes over the past week and I’ve just finished off a large shake before sitting down to write my thoughts here, so they are genuinely fresh in mind.

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Three delicious flavours

The shakes come in three flavours, my favourite being cocoa and jaffa orange – isn’t orange chocolate the best?!

The other flavours are cocoa and peanut butter, and cocoa vanilla frosting.

By using natural, wholefood ingredients and flavours, it’s always a worry a food will disappoint in the flavour department. But this couldn’t be further from the truth with the Dare shakes. They are so packed with flavour, sweetness and deliciousness, that it’s almost hard to believe they are nutritionally balanced and healthful and not junk food!

Creamy and delicious

Two scoops blended with a banana and plant-based milk makes a super creamy, chocolatey milkshake, that tastes on par with its unhealthy counterparts, leaving me wondering why anyone ever bothers drinking unhealthy shakes when healthy shakes can taste this good!

Ginormous packs

One of the biggest bonuses of the Dare shakes is the sheer size of the packs. They are huge! So much bigger than other pouches of shakes and smoothie powders we have bought before. I also think you can easily stretch out the contents, especially when adding a banana, by using one scoop instead of two.

The packs really are massive and were the first thing I got excited about when unboxing. “Look how huge they are!” I exclaimed to my husband Ben no less than three times!

dare motivational shakes review

Sip or slurp

I was also impressed by their shaker bottle or more the cap of the shaker bottle. It has a straw, which I personally prefer when drinking smoothies and shakes, but it also has a spout. So you can drink the shake however you prefer or however is convenient at the time – straws are much easier to use when on the go or in the car, but perhaps you want to gulp it down the rest of the time!


Whilst I’m not a big fan of ‘weight loss shakes’ or fad diets, I do like to drink smoothies or shakes regularly at lunchtime as a quick, healthy and nutritious lunch, especially when I am really busy with work and might otherwise pick something convenient and unhealthy.

Shakes like the Dare motivational shakes offer me a quick and easy lunch that is delicious and healthful, so I can crack on with my work on a busy day whilst not losing out nutritionally.

The kids approve too

My kids also love a homemade shake as a pudding after dinner and totally approve!

dare motivational shakes review

What makes the Dare motivational shakes so great?

Vegan friendly

There are lots of reasons to rave about Dare and consider them as your choice of plant-based shakes. One of the biggest benefits for me is they contain vegan protein powder, making them suitable for everyone, including those who follow a plant-based diet.


The shakes are really filling. It’s now 12.32pm and I drank my shake over 30 minutes ago, being the first thing I’ve had today as I don’t have breakfast, and I feel totally satisfied. I’m not hungry at all or feeling like I need to actually ‘eat’ something.

Natural ingredients

No weird fillers, additives, E-numbers or even refined cane sugar as they don’t use it. Wholefood ingredients you can read and understand.

They say: “Motivational Shake contains a bespoke all-in-one blend of seeds, superfoods, herbs, phytonutrients, pre- and probiotics and all 26 essential vitamins and minerals. Each serving is dosed at the right levels for a perfect balance of complete protein, essential fats, Omega-3, slow-releasing complex carbs and fibre.”

Fuels your mind too

As mentioned, it is incredibly filling, but it’s not just designed to fill a hole and nothing else. The motivational shake is designed to, well, motivate you too! Its combination of ingredients will help you feel more energised, focused and alert, as well as reducing tiredness and fatigue and even improving mood!

Read more about how the shakes have so many mental benefits here.

Ethical and eco-friendly benefits

The shakes have a long shelf life of at least 12 months to reduce food waste.

With regards to packaging, Dare say “Minimal Packaging is used and we will continue to find more innovative ways of supplying and packaging our products using 100% recyclable material.”

£10 discount code for Dare Motivation

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