The best pre-workout routine to maximise your results

A lot of focus is put on the post-workout routine to be able to recover quickly. It makes sense as the soreness and achy muscles can make it difficult to maintain motivation to keep going to the gym and working out. The easier the recovery is the more likely people are going to be to continue.

However, not enough emphasis is put on the pre-workout routine. What happens before the workout has a lot to do with how the workout will go, including the recovery afterwards. Getting into some good habits before going to the gym or going for a run will massively improve the results.

In this article, we will go over the things that can be done before a workout to get the most out of it and see better results.

 Use some supplements 

Unfortunately, many people believe that supplements like protein shakes are for hardcore lifters or bodybuilders. The fact is that anybody can and should use a supplement before a workout.

To give yourself an energy boost that helps keep the workout going, a mix of some carbs and protein works wonders. Instead of filing up on a meal before working out, a protein shake like the delicious plant based powders from can help keep you from feeling bloated.

Not only that but the carbs and protein can do their thing more effectively when taken in powder form as they get absorbed much more quickly. They also don’t require hardy digestion that can slow things down.

The right blend can also help reduce fatigue and improve concentration. These two factors weigh heavily in many sports-related injuries as not paying attention leads to mistakes. Your workout will be more effective by sticking to proper form as well as safer by using the right supplement.

 Stretch things out 

On the topic of injuries; a body that is tight and tense often leads to a strained muscle or a back injury. Starting out cold is not a good way to begin a workout. The best thing to do before undertaking any exercise is to do some stretching to warm up.

Taking the time to stretch not only helps to prevent injuries during the workout, but it also helps speed up the recovery time post-workout. Since the muscles won’t be as damaged from starting out cold, there will be less build up of lactic acid in them. It’s this acid that creates that sore body feeling in the area that was worked hardest.

Don’t just breeze through this stage. Stretching should be at least 15 minutes to really have an effect. Less than that and it is really just going through the motions.

 Get plenty of sleep 

Sleep is the time that the body needs to recover from the damage done to it throughout the day. It is imperative for a good recovery from a workout so you aren’t slowed down the next day.

Besides the recovery time, it also helps the pre-workout routine as you gave your body plenty of time to recover. This makes it easier to get out and back to the gym to keep the rhythm going.

Working out while tired often leads to poor performance and can even increase the chances of injury. Often, when you are overtired you can take on too much without realizing it and overexert yourself. Or, you may be working out using the wrong posture form which leads to joint injuries as well as pulled muscles.

Focus and stamina are increased when the proper sleep is had and this makes your workout far more effective. Get to bed on time the night before and make sure to give yourself at least seven hours of deep sleep.

 Give yourself a boost 

Hydration is essential when working out. Your cells need that water and they lose it when you sweat. To keep functioning at a high level you need to make sure your body is stocked up with liquids.

Drink as much water as you can handle without weighing yourself down or overdoing it. A few cup’s worth before the workout will help you stay on top of your game.

At the same time, you need something to come in with an energy boost as you lose liquid during the workout. Caffeine is usually the way to do this, either drink a shot of espresso or put it in your shake before working out, or, take a caffeine pill if you don’t like coffee. This will stimulate your nervous system and keep your energy level high.

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  1. Good ideas and tips!

  2. You’re so right that this is often overlooked. I don’t think I’ve seen much on pre-workout at all. These are really helpful ideas, thank you!


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