The health benefits of drinking organic tea

Whether paired with your favourite cookies or a plate of rice, tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, second only to water.

Because tea is simply leaves in hot water, drinking tea that is not organic can mean drinking diluted pesticides. Yuck!

Otherwise, drinking organic tea, particularly green tea, can positively affect your health in countless ways from fighting gum disease to saving the world from antibiotic resistant infections!

Read on to discover some of the many benefits of drinking organic tea.

Benefits of drinking organic tea

The health benefits of drinking organic tea

Those of us who drink tea have healthier mouths than we otherwise would. Tea drinkers have fewer cavities than people who don’t because tannins in the beverage make it harder for plaque to form on our teeth. The communities of microorganisms living in our mouths become more diverse, bringing balance to the oral ecosystem. Green tea extracts also are bactericidal, killing the bacteria causing bad breath.

The antioxidants in green tea improve blood vessel function and help our blood keep moving through our bodies. It removes fats from blood and keeps our cardiac muscles working. Drinking plenty of green tea has been shown to lower danger of high blood pressure and to help retain good cholesterol levels, protecting against every kind of cardiovascular disease.

People who drink tea regularly are less likely to die from many of the leading causes of death in the world. Diabetes, the 6th biggest killer according to the World Health Organization, stands no chance against the polyphenols in fermented and unfermented teas. The compounds help the human body regulate insulin and blood sugar levels, lowering the instance of type 2 diabetes. Tea stops the production of abnormal proteins that build up in our organs, a major cause of diabetes and other diseases.

Aside from fighting infection in your mouth, helping your blood flow easily and preventing diabetes, drinking tea has been shown to help our bodies fight infection from viruses, bacteria, or any other invasive health threat by speeding the response of white blood cells. Tea protects us on a cellular level by prohibiting toxins from interacting with a cell’s organelles and therefore boosting our immune system.

Epidemiological studies across the globe have shown that drinking tea correlates with fewer instances of cognitive impairment. People who drink organic tea are less likely to fall victim to dementia as the abnormal proteins that cause diabetes are also a main component of the mechanism of Alzheimer’s disease.

Drinking tea regularly improves our brain plasticity, allowing our brains to change throughout our lives. A tea habit also regulates our hormones and strengthens our ability to produce dopamine and serotonin. These three factors are major contributors to the incidence of stress and depression, acute and chronic.

If you see any of these issues on the horizon, speak to your doctor and create a plan for your health. Make sure you are drinking healthy organic herbal tea as part of a plan to keep your mind and body in working order. Find some of the best organic tea brands here at Loyal Organic.

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The health benefits of drinking organic tea

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