Can technology help us get closer to nature?

Climate change, pollution, sustainability – these topics have become a daily talking point for many, leaving us wondering what we can do to help diminish our carbon footprint and help nature thrive. Many individuals and even businesses are starting to consider the ways in which they can utilise technology to keep their carbon footprint small. 

A leading provider of climate solutions, Viessmann, has shared its latest campaign which looks at how technology can allow us to coexist with nature harmoniously through using advancements such as augmented reality(AR) and developing existing technologies to suit a more advanced and digital future.

Smart glasses are in this season 

The future human can be expected to be styling a pair of smart glasses, which can be hugely beneficial to how we relate to the environment. With room temperature readings and air pollution level notifications popping straight into our vision, we will be more aware of what is happening in our environment without having to lift a finger to research it. This will in turn mean we will be in tune with what is happening in our area, and can therefore work to keep pollution levels low!

The bionic bee

Bees have had a tough time of late, with many of us concocting sugar water mixers to help keep them around and thriving. With the bees not around, pollination is at risk, meaning that there could be problems regarding biodiversity and even food production on a global scale. Scientists have innovated ways to assist with pollination through technology, creating small drones that have been fitted with animal hair bristles as well as a sticky gel coating that allows them to capture and transfer pollen between plants. 

In the future, these drones may be able to identify specific flowers that are in need of pollination to ensure that no species are at risk of dying out. Attaching to our clothing, we could become a part of the ecosystem and help the bumbles to aid pollination, making us at one with nature!

Monitor your health on your wrist 

Smartwatches are one of the latest accessories to have, to not only look good but ensure we feel good too, with many being able to monitor heart rates and glucose levels. Researchers are even working on soft patches to wear on your skin to allow for wireless health monitoring without anything on your wrist. 

This would help people to be more in tune with their bodies to live healthier lives with a focus on preventing illnesses rather than waiting to treat them. 

Leave the car at home, pop on your trainers 

We all have fond memories of Heely’s and roller skates, gliding around with ease (sometimes) and racing our friends to the end of the road. For the nostalgia lovers among us, Segway shoes have been around for a few years, allowing people to glide around at more than seven miles per hour. This technology could help boost the shift of people leaving their cars at home for that quick trip to get some essentials while people look for more environmentally and wallet-friendly alternatives to using our cars. 

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