Delicious vegan menu at The Cheltenham Stable

Yesterday was my birthday and it tied in very nicely with a gifted meal I was offered at The Stable in Cheltenham in exchange for an Instagram post which you can see by clicking here. I’ve also decided to share it here on my blog as I love discovering vegan menus when eating out.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

Of course we love being as healthy as possible, but we also love eating out and letting our diets slip every once in a while to instead sample some of the best vegan pub food and vegan junk food we can find!

We usually have one takeaway per week which is often chippy chips which we cover in baked beans and dips at home. We’ll also eat out, maybe once every couple of weeks if our monthly budget allows, if we have Tesco Clubcard vouchers or if it’s a special occasion like a family or friend’s birthday.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

I’ve now eaten a 100% plant-based diet, more commonly understood as a vegan diet, for 20 months. Before this I was vegetarian for five years as well as previously for a couple of years as a youngster.

I was used to going out and only having one vegetarian option on a menu or having to alter meals to make them veggie, so it wasn’t a surprise when I cut out the dairy to find a lack of options in all eateries for vegans.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

However that has drastically changed since I turned plant-based and the rise of veganism, or the plant-based revolution as I like to think of it, was already well underway.

I didn’t just jump on the bandwagon with eating vegan as it was cool or a trend, but it was something I’d been edging towards for years and talking about a lot.

I just needed to read a few things to push me over that edge. I needed more education and once I had it I knew I had to go plant-based.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

The main book and influence that confirmed everything being The China Study by T Colin Campbell. After reading that and watching no end of documentaries, my mind was made up. I could never return to eating meat or dairy ever again. It’s not an industry I want to support ever again for the sake of the animals, the planet and my own health.

Knowing everything I now know I can never eat meat again or dairy. I don’t want to and I don’t miss it one bit.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

Anyway, so luckily for us, the rise of people turning vegan has meant that restaurants and pubs have had to catch up with demand and offer vegan menus!

Now there isn’t even just one option, but whole menus that are suitable for vegans in most places.

It makes eating out so much easier and enjoyable. It also means meat eaters are realising how much choice there is when it comes to vegan food and that meals don’t have to contain meat.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

Even with all the knowledge around plant-based eating today, we still get the odd person baffled at what we could possibly eat as a vegan family!

Some people can’t think of a meal without it containing meat and/or dairy which I find laughable today really.

Where have they been the past few years?

Even before being vegan I knew there were so many meals to be made!

I also considered it a healthy lifestyle, not a malnourished lifestyle which is still a big misconception of veganism today by those who don’t understand it.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

So we were invited for a family meal at The Cheltenham Stable and told they had a whole vegan menu with pizza, salad and pie on offer!

It sounded delicious and with it being my birthday week it was the perfect treat as we had no plans yet for a meal out.

I never want to take the mickey when invited for a review meal, so we modestly ordered one vegan pizza each.

The general manager started suggesting all sorts of other vegan foods to us and said he’ll bring out a selection of vegan sides for us to try as it’s all so good!

We didn’t argue and were very happy and thankful to try as much as possible!

He was right. It was all so good!

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

Pizza is usually my favourite, but I actually favoured the vegan topped wedges that had loads of melted vegan cheese, onions and jalapeños on top!

Yummy! I’ve not had anything like that since I did eat dairy so it was amazing!

We also tried the tempeh bites. They’re meant to come with a tahini dip, but they’d ran out. We had a selection of their other dips such as smoked paprika hummus and butter bean aioli, so we were very dip happy even without the tahini.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

The pizzas were delicious and a stone-baked style which we are all big fans of. I much prefer more topping and less dough when it comes to pizza!

To finish we had their vegan brownies which are really more of a warm chocolate sponge cake, but who’s complaining when it comes to anything chocolate?!

They were served with vegan ice cream which the kids loved.

The Stable Vegan Menu Review

It’s a very relaxed and casual atmosphere in The Stable Cheltenham which is perfect for us with or without the kids.

The staff were friendly and checked we had everything we needed plenty of times.

We’ll definitely be going back, especially as we saw they have a £5 #meatlessmondays pizza night.

Vegan pizza for a fiver? Yes please!

Ben and Reuben trying to outsmile each other!

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The Stable Vegan Menu Review

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