Self-care secrets to minimise stress

Far too many of us spend our days in chaos and dedicate all our free time towards taking care of others. Unfortunately, this habit often leaves us neglecting ourselves. This is why it is so important to devote time to fulfilling our own needs.

Practicing self-care can be done in many ways and these exceptional self-care secrets will have you feeling less stressed and more motivated in no time!

Self-care tips

Self-care tips

Natural coping tools

Stress and anxiety are silent killers as many sufferers are somewhat blind to the symptoms while the effects are blatant, which is just one of the reasons self-care and de-stressing are so important.

However, when searching for a coping crutch to help you best manage stress and anxiety, it is always best to opt for natural remedies.

Commercial medications are often not the best for those who are not experiencing chronic symptoms as the benefits rarely outweigh the lengthy list of side effects.

Therefore, natural remedies such as CBD oils, St. John’s Wort, and chamomile are great options for occasional stress relief.

Time for you

Staying on top of a chaotic day can be understandably draining, especially when most days are chaotic. Even if you are feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities and endless tasks, you should spare some time each day for yourself.

Even if you are only able to find ten minutes to relax some days, finding a few minutes just for yourself is so important for self-care.

If you battle to unwind during this time, it is a great idea to practice a quick mindful meditation that will help you clear your mind and relieve your stress.

If you find it hard to switch your brain off then playing a brain game such as Solitaire could help. This way you will focus on the task at hand and not your thoughts. Playing Solitaire or other similar brain games online can help to reduce your stress and anxiety levels and enable you to switch off.

Laugh it off

Being serious all the time can be quite a demanding choice, and you should accept it as just that; a choice.

Rather than handle everything with a strict seriousness, you should adopt a light-hearted attitude.

Even though being serious has its place, laughing when possible will provide you with several magical benefits. What’s more, the benefits of smiling and laughing are backed by science.

Organise your finances

Money worries are the most common source of stress by far. Therefore, keeping your finances under control is one of the most significant steps that you’ll ever make as it will keep your mind clear.

If you’re always worried about unexpected bills or outgoings then there’s no better time than today to start saving an emergency fund.  No matter how little the amount you have available to save each month, having some form of savings and emergency cash will give you peace of mind and reduce money-related stress.

There are many tools to help you regain control. From using a mortgage repayment graph before buying a home to automated bill payments, each move is a step in the right direction. 

Using price comparisons to lower insurance costs and home energy bills will serve you well too.  Check out how we saved money and changed to green energy at the same time in this blog post.

You don’t need to be rich, but having some sort of financial stability and backup funds can help ease any money pressure you may face.

Beauty sleep

The best time for busy individuals to make time for self-care is by including it into their sleep routine.

Therefore, your routine could consist of relaxing self-care therapies such as aromatherapy, a warm bath, or even beneficial yoga.

Including self-care into your nighttime routine will also help remove any guilt you might be feeling about not giving your time to something else.

Take on a hobby

Hobbies often seem quite pointless to busy individuals, although, they can be quite beneficial as hobbies are able to provide us with a sense of achievement.

What’s more, achievement found within a hobby can be exceptionally rewarding for self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter what type of hobby you take on, as long as you feel some level of passion and excitement for the task.

Hobbies are great for relaxing the mind as well, as there won’t be any pressuring deadline when completing hobby-related tasks.

In today’s busy world with rising levels of depression, anxiety and stress, it’s more important than ever that we make time for ourselves each day to relax, switch off and practice self-care.

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Self-care secrets to minimise stress

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