How to reduce moving house stress and anxiety

Moving house is well-known as one of the most stressful life events.  It can take its toll mentally, emotionally and physically.  There is a lot to plan for a house move, especially when you throw kids into the mix too and a large family house and garden full of stuff.  If you are relocating then there may be the added anxiety for your and the children of moving to an area you are not familiar with, or starting new schools and study.

There are ways to make moving house less stressful and to reduce any anxiety inflicted by the house move.  Read on to learn how.

Preparation is key so you’re not rushed or panicked

There are lots of tasks that can seem overwhelming when it comes to moving house.  Decluttering and packing being two of the tasks that people dread the most.  The key is organisation and preparation.  Once you have a move on the horizon then start decluttering and packing the items that are not needed day-to-day, the things you can cope without for a few weeks or even months if it comes to it. 

The earlier you start this process, the easier it will be.  Just imagine trying to declutter your entire house and pack it within a week, around you other commitments, compared to spreading these tasks out over several weeks.  It makes it much more manageable and reduces the stress.  Start early and sell/donate a couple of items to declutter each day, as well as packing a box or two each day.

How to reduce moving house stress and anxiety

Understand the costs so you can prepare financially

There are lots of costs involved in moving house whether you are purchasing a property or renting.  Knowing and understanding these costs ahead of time will ensure you have time to plan financially and nothing is a surprise.  Whether you are buying or renting, you will likely need a substantial deposit. 

Don’t forget about moving costs either.  You will need to find a way of moving your belongings whether you are able to cope moving your things in your own car, hiring a van or using a removals company.  If you have a houseful of furniture then you will need some sort of van or professional removals company.

Consider self storage to reduce overwhelm

If you are planning to fix up your new home then it may be easier to use Now Storage self storage in Reading or your nearest location to store your belongings whilst you decorate.  Self storage is also an option if you are downsizing and aren’t yet sure which of your belongings will fit in the new home.  Then you can take your time to sort out your belongings or store them as you need to, making the whole process less stressful.

Explore the new area if relocating

We Buy Any House recommend you explore the new area you are moving to.  Walk around and get a feel for the area and where the local amenities are.  If you have children who are moving schools then walk to their new school to test the school run and to familiarise them with the route and school location.

How to reduce moving house stress and anxiety

Find local Facebook groups

Most areas nowadays have a Facebook group for locals to share information and post queries.  This can be really handy if you are new to an area and need to find local services.  Perhaps join the group ahead of the move so you can see what’s going on in the new area.

Make a list

Keep a handy list of everything moving related you need to think about such as a list of the costs involved, a list of companies you need to change your address with, a list of utility meter readings you need to take on the last day of your move and so on.  Having checklists you can refer to and add to as you think of things can keep everything organised.

Redirect your post

Stop ordering goods online a couple of weeks before the move as you don’t want anything to be delayed with a courier and not received before you move house.  For Royal Mail post you can set up a redirection to ensure your post reaches you at the new address.  This will give you time to change all your addresses once you have moved house and to catch any businesses you may have forgotten to change your details with.

How to reduce moving house stress and anxiety

Get excited about the move!

It can be daunting moving to a new area, but if you have chosen to live there then focus on the positives!  Remember why you want to move there and all the possibilities it will provide for a new way of living or even a new you!  Start to imagine yourself doing what you love in the new location or being the person you want to be.  Think about your new home and how you will decorate it.  Start making plans and envisioning them and get excited for them.

Make unpacking a breeze

Unpacking is often worse than packing, so make it as easy as possible for yourself.  Ensure boxes are labelled with the room of the contents and consider numbering for priority.  For example number one is to unpack right away as you can’t live without these items (think plates, cups, cutlery, clothes), but number two means the contents are less of a priority and can be unpacked over time or once decoration is complete.

Ask for help

If it’s all rather overwhelming then don’t be afraid to ask friends and family for help.  This could be help with packing, help with saving boxes for packing, help with the move itself, help with childcare or even a listening ear when you need to let off steam or share your concerns.

Eat well and sleep well

Stress can make you reach for junk food, sugary and salty snacks, but this will only make you feel worse!  Instead, opt for healthy food most of the time and ensure you are getting a good night’s rest.  A lack of sleep will only add to the stress and make you less productive.

How to reduce moving house stress and anxiety

Take a break

It’s fine to allow yourself a break and time off from thinking about the move (although that’s easier said than done).  So long as you have started preparing weeks in advance then you can easily take a day or two off to refresh your mind.  If you are finding everything too much then a simple short walk in nature can be enough to clear your mind and find your productive self once more.

Don’t forget about your children

It can be easy to get caught up in the move regarding your own emotions and overflowing to-do lists, but if you have children then don’t forget about their thoughts and feelings.  They may be feeling particularly anxious especially if they have to start a new school and make new friends or they’ve never experienced a house move before.  Focus on the positives of the new move when talking about it with or around your children, but also understand why they are worried or anxious and address their concerns.  Let them take part and get involved with packing, decluttering and decorating their new rooms in the new house to make them their own. Family Lives have lots of helpful tips here for how children can cope with moving house.

7 thoughts on “How to reduce moving house stress and anxiety”

  1. Ah moving can be extremely stressful, I have only moved home twice!
    The first time was an unorganised disaster and it’s fair to say I piled on the stones thanks to my comfort eating! 2nd time around I was prepared and almost done everything mentionee above and the move was exciting and pretty straight forward.

  2. As someone who is looking into buying a first home at some point, these tips are really useful. I would love to have a house of my own but I do understand that there will be some stress involved. Though it will be worth it in the long run.

    • I think a lot of the stress is the unknown and being out of control. We are in the process currently, being around 12 weeks in and our buyers are asking so many pointless questions at this stage, kind of the things they should have asked at the start, that we are now worried they are about to pull out. Then the whole process of buying and selling may need to start again!

  3. I’ve moved apartments every year for the last 10 years — packing and unpacking never get easier lol!

    I love the idea of a storage unit, seeing boxes everywhere AND trying to decorate gets super overwhelming really fast.

    • I feel you! I moved ten times in my twenties which I think contributed to my love of minimalism!! We are moving this year and will be renting a small storage unit whilst we decorate. I definitely think it will reduce the overwhelm and make things easier 🙂

  4. Great tips, thank you. I would definitely look at hiring a storage space; I think it would make a huge difference.

  5. Good tips – moving house is stressful!


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