Health benefits of silicone wedding rings

Health benefits of silicone wedding rings

After tying the knot, one of your most treasured items is your wedding ring.  It symbolises your commitment to one another, is a cherished keepsake from one of the best days of your life and is sometimes the most expensive piece of jewellery you own.  However, although you may not wish to ever remove your wedding ring, sometimes there are situations where it’s just not practical to wear your official metal wedding ring and it’s safer to choose a silicone wedding ring instead.  In fact, for some people a silicone wedding band is the preferred choice altogether.  In this blog post we will explore the health benefits of silicone wedding rings and why they can be a safer option compared to more traditional metal wedding rings.

Health benefits of silicone wedding rings
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Silicone rings are safer to wear in some professions

So why wear a silicone ring? Most people wear their metal wedding rings every day to work without a problem, however, did you realise that in some professions it’s a health and safety hazard to wear a metal wedding ring?

Yep, it’s true.  Here are some professions where it can be a health hazard to wear a metal wedding ring:

  • Electricians: For those who work with electricity, as an example, it can be very dangerous to wear a gold or silver wedding ring.  Many metals used in traditional wedding bands can conduct electricity which could be fatal.  Silicone wedding rings, on the other hand, are not conductive and are safe for electricians to wear.
  • Medical professionals may also be at risk when wearing metal wedding rings as the metal or precious stones may cut through protective wear such as gloves putting patients, or themselves, at danger of infectious diseases or contamination.  They may also scratch, cut or harm a patient when working in close contact, whereas silicone rings are soft and flexible and will not injure a patient.
  • Firefighters can work in extreme heat, so it’s not advisable to wear any metal jewellery which can heat up and burn the wearer.  Also, in an accident, the metal ring may need cutting off, yet a silicone wedding ring can easily be removed.

Silicone wedding rings won’t cause harm to children

As a mum it can be quite easy to accidentally scratch a child with long nails when picking them up or comforting them and the same can happen with a wedding ring.  When you are often in close contact with your children, especially when they are babies and toddlers, it can be easy to accidentally catch a long nail or wedding ring on their skin. To avoid this women’s silicone rings are a safer option whilst nursing babies and whilst children are young.

Health benefits of silicone wedding rings
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Feel safer in unknown areas with a silicone wedding ring

Sometimes your wedding ring may be at risk of theft, particularly if you are travelling in an unsafe or unknown area.  In these situations it can be better to leave your precious wedding ring at home whilst travelling, or locked in a secure hotel safe, and to wear a silicone wedding ring whilst travelling.

Silicone rings are comfortable for active lifestyles

For those who lead active lifestyles partaking in sports or even regularly attending the gym, some metal wedding rings can become uncomfortable when doing certain activities.  Silicone rings offer a comfortable alternative that won’t interfere with exercise, are lightweight and even slip-resistant making them ideal for money bars or when using weights.

Love metal rings?  Choose a silicone wedding ring AND a traditional wedding ring

For some people it makes sense to only choose a silicone wedding ring if they will otherwise be removing their metal wedding ring all day long.  However, if you only need to wear a silicone ring temporarily and you want a traditional metal wedding ring, then there’s nothing stopping you from having both!  Silicone wedding bands are really affordable so you can choose to have one alongside your wedding ring for those moments when it’s safer to remove a metal wedding ring, but you don’t want to be without a ring altogether.

Health benefits of silicone wedding rings
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But wait, isn’t silicone bad for the environment?

When comparing silicone to plastic and some other materials, there are multiple benefits and it’s the eco-friendly option.  This article by ECOlunchbox goes into great detail on the eco-friendly properties of silicone and they say: “Silicone is durable, and more ocean-friendly than plastic. It lasts longer, and stands up better against heat and cold than plastics. … Silicone, which is made from silica found in sand, is much longer lasting than plastic in the environment as well as while being used in products. … When burned, silicone reverts back into its harmless ingredients: amorphous silica, carbon dioxide, and water vapor (unlike plastic which releases toxins when burned).”

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  1. I am just wondering if silicone is easier or more difficult than gold to remove if needed for surgery etc.

  2. Ooh, I didn’t know these existed! All the manual workers I know just don’t wear one at all; these are a lovely alternative.

    1. Yes definitely. Especially for those taking rings off constantly for work purposes. A nice alternative to keep a ring on during the working week 🙂

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