Why exercise is so important

Exercise has numerous benefits for both your mind and body.  Too many people disregard taking part in a sport or going to the gym as they see it as a chore rather than something that is vital for good health.  Exercise is so important in order to lead a healthy lifestyle.  This blog post will look at the main reasons why exercise is so good for you.


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People of every age group can improve their health by doing regular exercise, but the sooner you begin to adopt healthy habits the better. Obesity is developing in even younger children as the years pass, and several of the most fatal health problems are weight related.

Being as active as you can be by doing at least 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week will reduce your risk of developing many illnesses, including high blood pressure, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and strokes.

Regular strenuous activity can also help to improve bone health, and decrease the likelihood of developing some cancers.

To add to this, training with weights can drastically assist the functions of your muscles and increase their density.

The health of your skin can also be influenced by the amount of exercise you do, as it stimulates the flow of blood that then encourages cell adaptation, reducing signs of aging.


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Doing regular exercise is great for your mind as well as your body. When you burn up a sweat, you release endorphins, which positively impact upon chemicals that affect your mood like serotonin and dopamine.

Exercise can also assist in preventing mental health conditions such as dementia and depression, and has the power to assist in treating the latter if you are already diagnosed or suffering.

It’s also great for stress relief.  If you do sports or exercise outside in a more natural environment, you will be able to take some time to think and reach a calmer state of mind.

Doing some form of physical activity will also help to improve your self-image, and make you see and appreciate your own capabilities.

You can also harness the powers of exercise by using it to release any unwanted negative energy, such taking part in a boxing session when you feel more anger than you would like or a yoga class when you are harbouring an excess of stress or worry.


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If you question the average person on how many hours of rest each night, they will most likely tell you they could do with a bit more sleep. Somewhat surprisingly, the amount of exercise that you do will have a direct impact on your sleep.

The more strenuous activities you do, the better the quality of your sleep will be, as you give yourself a greater opportunity to entering a highly restorative deep sleep. As well as bettering the quality of your sleep, exercise can also help you to stay asleep for a longer amount of time.

You use up stores of energy when you partake in any kind of sport, meaning that by evening you are more than ready to climb into bed and rest.

There is also evidence to suggest that some symptoms of insomnia can be relieved by doing regular exercise, specifically aerobics.

The elderly would appear to benefit most from exercising, as they tend to have a greater chance of being affected by sleep related disorders whilst also living a very sedentary life.


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When you are lacking energy, the last thing you will think about or want to do is exercise. However, it is now coming to light that doing some kind of daily exercise will ease some symptoms associated with fatigue.

People who live a more sedentary lifestyle are more likely to feel the energy increasing benefits of regular sport, but it will have a positive effect on anyone no matter what their habits and choices may be.

Evidence would suggest that doing some form of sweat provoking activity has a direct impact on the central nervous system, which in turn increase the feeling of energy and vigour and decreases the feeling of tiredness or fatigue.

It also further encourages blood flow around the body and to the brain, then providing more you with more energy and focus.

As you begin to get into the routine of doing activity on a daily basis, your body will become stronger and more able to deal with the cardio, which will then result in you being able to push a little bit harder and continue to reap more and more benefits.


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Often not discussed, but just as vital as any other aspect, there are many social reasons to partake in regular exercise. Doing some kind of sport is a great way to learn essential team building skills, and associate yourself with those you may not usually get the chance to meet.

Working in a group to achieve a certain goal will improve your tolerance and respect towards other people and their strengths, as well as yourself and your own.

Going to the gym can allow you to meet motivated and knowledgeable individuals, with similar aspirations and dedication. It may also further spark your interest and encourage you to develop a passion for fitness and nutrition.

There is always the opportunity to further bank on these skills, and you can find an OriGym personal training consultation here to transform your dedication into a qualification and a potential new line of work.

Your confidence will experience newfound heights when you are acknowledged for your commitment and are able to share your experience and information to help those that need it.  It’s a very rewarding job to be able to take care of your health whilst helping others be healthy too.

Hopefully you are now able to see the masses of benefits that regular exercise can offer and the importance it has in leading a healthy life. It’s not a chore or nuisance, but something that has no end of benefits for your life.

By ensuring that you do at least 3 hours of moderate cardio per week, you will open yourself up to a whole new feeling of being more energised and well-rested than ever, and you will be helping your future self by preventing the onset and likelihood of disease or illness.

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