Does chewing gum have benefits?

You may be surprised to learn that chewing gum can be good for you.  Providing you choose a sugar-free gum that is also free of questionable ingredients, then chewing gum can have the following health benefits.

Chewing gum can freshen breath

No one likes to have stinky bad breath, especially not when you’re about to head into a work meeting or meet a loved one for a chat.  Mint chewing gums are a great way to quickly freshen up your breath.  It will also help to prevent dry mouth.

Chewing gum can boost the body’s defence system

Gums which contain menthol can help reduce throat irritation as well as reduce the likelihood of viruses being able to succeed in our upper airways and nasal lining.

Does chewing gum have benefits

Chewing gum can prevent tooth decay

Provided you choose a healthier chewing gum that is sugar-free, then as you chew the gum, saliva is produced which neutralises plaque, helping to prevent tooth decay.  There is lots of evidence and research to show sugar-free gum is good for teeth.

Chewing gum can reduce oral bacteria

Gums which contain tooth-friendly xylitol instead of sugar can reduce the formation of biofilm (bacterial cell growth).  It can basically stop plaque bacteria from sticking to the teeth and causing damage like tooth decay.

Chewing gum can improve alertness

A 2015 study found chewing gum can increase our alertness which benefits our productivity levels and even our personal safety.

Chewing gum can improve memory

Studies from St. Lawrence University discovered memory can be improved when chewing gum.  A series of tasks were given to people chewing gum and others not.  Results showed cognitive function and test performance considerably improved when participants were chewing gum.

Does chewing gum have benefits

Chewing gum can boost mood

In this study, chewing gum was found to even improve mood!

“Gum chewing had consistently positive effects on mood during an acute laboratory stressor. These were mirrored by changes in salivary cortisol.”

Chewing gum can reduce stress

Journal of Clinical and Translational Research study discovered that participants who regularly chewed gum felt less stressed than those who didn’t chew gum.

Chewing gum can help with weight loss

A study found that chewing gum can help people lose weight.  Gum can suppress hunger and reduce cravings for snacks.  Even the action of chewing gum can burn calories, not may, but around 11 calories per hour!

Chewing gum can help people quit smoking

Chewing gum can help people when they quit smoking.  It helps reduce the urge to smoke as it gives a person something to do with their mouth, reducing cravings and helping with withdrawal.

Final thoughts

Sensible use of chewing gum can provide many benefits to your oral health and mental wellbeing.  Just be careful to pick the most natural sugar-free gums you can without questionable ingredients, sweeteners or additives.

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Does chewing gum have benefits

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  1. Very interesting, thanks, I didn’t know about most of this. Maybe I should add chewing gum to my shopping list!


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