Eco-friendly wedding invitations tips & tricks

Wedding invitations are a great opportunity to show your creativity and give your guests a taste of what they can expect during the ceremony. However, if you are worried about the impact your wedding stationery is having on the impact then eco-friendly wedding invitations are a great way to go green. They are also perfect for couples who want to make their wedding day special while respecting the environment.

Some people might think that eco-friendly wedding invitation ideas are not as elegant as the ones made with regular materials. However, there are many ways to make them look more professional and to keep them in theme with your wedding day. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly wedding invitation ideas, or just need a little inspiration, read on for some tricks and tips for your wedding invites.

Choose professionally printed wedding invites that are eco-friendly

If getting stuck in and crafty with recycled paper and a plastic-free natural glue isn’t your thing, then don’t fret as you can still have professionally designed and printed wedding stationery that has eco-credentials such as biodegradable wedding invitations.

Many companies are now reflecting on their environmental footprint and making positive changes for sustainability. Simply check out their website for a sustainability page or ask their customer service team about their eco-friendly values and options when it comes to recycled card stock and printing methods.

For example, we asked Aura Print about their eco-efforts and were directed to their sustainable printing page to learn more about their eco-friendly printing methods and variety of recycled card stock. They offer off-the-shelf wedding stationery printing with some beautiful designs, but also offer a bespoke service if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Therefore, you can custom design your wedding stationery and request to use the recycled card as it’s a greener choice. or you can opt for a rustic look with kraft paper which uses less bleach, or no bleach, in the manufacturing process making it a more eco-friendly choice over white paper.

There are some companies that use vegetable inks to print their stationery instead of petroleum-based inks, so look into this too. Ink-free branding is another sustainable option for your stationery. A heated iron can be perfect because you can brand different materials including paper and cardboard.  It’s a quick and easy way to produce multiple cards with your own personal stamp.

But what are your other options for eco-friendly wedding invites? Let’s explore some more ideas.

Seeded paper wedding invites

Another popular option for wedding invites that are less harmful to Earth are seeded paper wedding invitations. These are wedding invites created with a special type of handmade paper with wildflower seeds embedded during the process. It’s a biodegradable type of paper and can be planted by the recipient to grow some wildflowers. Almost like an invitation and a gift in one! You can find these online often custom made on handmade platforms or you can order the seeded paper to make your own.

Avoid plastic foil or glitter

Whilst sparkly cards might look pretty, avoid any plastic foil or glitter decoration as it’s unlikely these can be recycled, plus the production of plastic is harmful to the environment in itself. There is actually truly biodegradable and compostable glitter available nowadays that is made from plants, so you can still add sparkle with the environment in mind.

Other decoration ideas could be to use recycled fabrics, natural fabrics or dried flowers to embellish your invitations.

Opt for beautiful calligraphy

Instead of having cards printed, use a calligrapher instead to create typography designs on recycled paper or natural fibre paper. Using calligraphy alone you can create truly unique invitations. No printing needed!

Order the exact quantity you need and minimize where necessary

Prevent being wasteful by ordering the exact quantity of wedding invitations you require according to your guest list, rather than a bundle of say 50 or 100 if this is too many. Also, could you reduce the number of invites you need for multiperson or multigenerational households you are inviting? Could you send one invite to a household of adults instead of individual invites where people are living together?

Hand deliver your invites

If any of your relatives and friends live close by then opt to hand-deliver the invitations rather than instantly popping them in the post. Delivery on foot or by cycle will be more environmentally friendly than sending them through a postal system, especially if they are within easy distance of your home.

Go paperless

Ultimately, you could choose to go paperless for your wedding invites and choose a digital invitation instead. Although many people like to treasure physical wedding invitations as a memento. But if you want to save money and use fewer materials then paperless is a great option.

So many eco-friendly wedding invitation options for your big day

Eco-friendly wedding invitations are a great way to show your commitment to the environment and take a stand against plastic and unnecessary environmental pollution. There are many options you can choose from to stay green, but still have beautifully designed invites that represent your wedding theme.

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  3. Great ideas, thank you. I am very fond of seed gifts, and the idea of an invitation that can be planted is really sweet.


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