Top 3 summer tones guaranteed to bring happiness into your home!

With our summer holidays seemingly remaining on hold this year, for the most part anyway, we find ourselves looking for ways to bring that sunshine feeling into our homes instead. No matter what your budget, there’s always a way to keep your space feeling fresh and renewed as each season arrives. Get yourself ready for a staycation this season with the following summer tones sure to bring happy vibes into your home, and our recommendations on how to successfully incorporate them into your home.

Tropical colours

Whilst we find ourselves dreaming of dipping our toes into the ocean on our next tropical getaway, it seems like this year we may have to make do with just a paddling pool in the back garden – and injecting a bit more colour into our homes.

If you’re used to a somewhat plain colour palette when it comes to your décor, or you’re decorating on a budget, you don’t have to replace everything in sight to keep up with this trend. It can be as easy as opting for a coral pink designer bedding ensemble to spice up your bedroom, or a bright yellow tea set placed on your kitchen island or dining room table, to add a splash of sunny goodness into the room. Or if you want to go a little bolder, a sea blue rug can bring the tropical beach into any room in the house.

Bring the colours of the ocean and beach into your home, or if you’re feeling bolder then tropical prints on cushions, bedspreads or even wallpaper are sure to make you smile this summer.

White and clean

If you’re looking to accentuate the amount of light that’s coming in through your windows, then the best method is undoubtedly to keep the majority of your décor white. From the walls to the blinds, if the base colour of any room remains white, you’re sure to create a light and airy environment to live in. White also tends to make a room feel cleaner – which can never be a bad thing!

White is also known to induce relaxation and act as an energy reviver, according to Feng Shui expert Alexandra Lee. Even the smallest of rooms can get that added boost with a lick of white paint and light furnishings. At a time where we’ll be looking for any way to stay cool, keeping things light and bright in your home is a great place to start.

Floral motifs

Although this may not be just the one tone, choosing to accent your home with floral patterns is a great way to add a nod to nature and embrace the great outdoors. Flower-filled décor also makes it easier to incorporate bright, summery colours into your home, in a wide range of forms. Whether you’re ready to commit to a vibrantly patterned sofa in your living room, an abstract painting featuring a vase of flowers in the dining room, or perhaps even just a couple of floral accent cushions placed on your bed during the day – there’s guaranteed to be a way to get involved in this trend without straying too far from your original style.

Designer Krista Ewart confirms the benefits of introducing a splash of florals into your living room, giving the focal point of the home a “cheerful, bright and playful” makeover. And those three little positive words are exactly what summer is all about!

4 thoughts on “Top 3 summer tones guaranteed to bring happiness into your home!”

  1. Tropical colours are a real breath of fresh air. Totally agree with they are perfect for summer.

  2. Maybe different days and different moods need different colours. In the past that would be a silly idea but now with colour changing LED lights perhaps it is not so silly anymore.

  3. Lovely ideas! It’s a very good point that you don’t have to make big changes in order to brighten a room up a bit.

  4. Love tropical colours!


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