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Christmas is almost upon us which can mean overindulgence for many. Even those of us, like me, who are plant-based and dairy-free will be tucking into a little extra raw chocolate and lashings of cashew cheese! It’s no wonder that most of us start the New Year full of good intentions and resolutions to be healthier, exercise more, stop consuming alcohol and quit smoking! A fresh year is a fresh start and it’s a great time to really kick your healthy lifestyle into gear. Of course, every minute of every day is a good time to start being healthier, but if you are planning to treat yourself this holiday season then NY is a brilliant time to start.

Whilst watching less TV and reducing screen time could be a good resolution to make, you might be surprised to learn that your electronic devices could actually help you to keep your New Year’s resolutions! So settle down, switch on your Oled TV Panasonic and let these healthier screen time ideas inspire you.

Here are some healthy and inspiring TV suggestions to kick-start your New Year’s resolutions:

Healthy inspiring TV suggestions

Sustainable (Netflix)

This documentary explores how modern agriculture has gone terribly wrong. A farmer is going against the grain by using sustainable organic farming methods and setting an example for the future of farming. This should definitely inspire you to support local organic farmers and to care about how your food is produced.

Joe Cross – Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

If you go to the official website then you can currently watch the full film for free. This was the first film about healthy eating and changing eating habits that I showed to my husband Ben as I thought he’d like it.  Other things I’d been reading and watching by myself were more scientific and complicated, but this documentary is made in such a way I knew he’d be able to watch it and I thought he might even enjoy it.  I was right and my husband bought a juicer the next day!

Joe Cross is able to get himself off medication and lead a healthier more fulfilled life through regular juicing ‘reboots’ and changing his diet.

Ben Fuchs – The Body is a Healing System (YouTube)

I couldn’t normally watch such a poorly filmed video, but I can with this lecture.  It’s the most inspiring eye-opening lecture I’ve ever watched.  I’ve watched it about ten times!  It just makes sense to me.  The amount of cells in our body is INCREDIBLE! Prepare for your mind to be blown and also to be inspired to make much healthier food choices.

Robert Lustig – Sugar: The Bitter Truth (YouTube)

An incredible lecture that really explains the dangers of sugar and proves it is a poison!  Added sugar is so terrible for our health and this lecture will inspire you to cut it out or cut it down drastically. This video has been watched almost 8 million times.  Wow!  I’ve watched it around 3 times and I always want to watch it again.  It gets a bit complicated with all the biochemistry, but you’ll get the point.

Kris Carr – Crazy Sexy Cancer

If you can get hold of her documentary, it’s worth a watch.  A real look into her journey from being diagnosed with cancer, all the random alternative treatments she tried and how she managed to control it through diet with success.  So inspirational.

May I Be Frank

This is a brilliant documentary that follows Frank as he embarks on a 30-day healthy vegan challenge full of wheatgrass shots and good food. Before this, he thought ‘vegan’ was a planet and had a life full of drugs and alcohol. Watch what happens as he transforms his diet.

Food Matters TV (FMTV) subscription

FMTV is a TV streaming service that you can subscribe to for less than £7 a month. You’ll have access to hundreds of inspirational food, health and wellness documentaries as well as exercise classes, interviews and even recipes. It’s full of powerful lifesaving information and is highly recommended for everyone on a healthy journey.

Yoga with Adriene (YouTube)

By far these are my favourite yoga lessons. Not only are all the lessons free to watch on YouTube, but they are so accessible to everyone. There are 7-minute classes through to 45 minutes. Most of Adriene’s videos are suitable for all levels, even absolute beginners, and she promotes doing yoga in a way that feels good to you, not about pushing yourself into bends if it doesn’t feel good. It makes yoga less intimidating, especially for beginners. It’s no wonder she has over 4 million subscribers!

Yoga with Kassandra

Once you’re a little more accomplished with yoga then I recommend Yoga with Kassandra. You can access the videos for free on YouTube. The intermediate and minimal cues videos are great when you know all the moves.

The Truth About Cancer

Around 14 hours of interviews with doctors and professionals to reveal the truth about cancer and whether modern conventional treatments are really the answer. You can sign up here for access to watch it all for free:

There are so many inspirational TV documentaries, subscription services and YouTube channels that can help shape, educate and guide your healthy lifestyle.

May this be your healthiest year yet!

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