The 6 advantages of riding an adult tricycle

When someone mentions the word tricycle, many people automatically think of trikes for children. But tricycles are actually becoming increasingly popular amongst adults, and adult tricycles are available in a range of trendy styles, like the ones available at Jorvik Tricycles.

What makes tricycles so popular is their range of benefits, and their advantages compared to a standard bicycle. Standard bikes can be great, but unfortunately, they are inaccessible to a wide range of people, whereas adult tricycles open up a world of possibilities for everyone.

But what are tricycle advantages and disadvantages? This post will take you through the top 6 benefits of riding a tricycle, and by the end of the post, you will see why tricycles are so popular!

Advantages of Riding an Adult Tricycle
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Accessible to a wide range of people

Tricycles are really easy to ride because of their three big sturdy wheels. This means they are accessible to a wider range of people, such as those who don’t feel comfortable on two wheels, the elderly, or those with disabilities such as autism or dyspraxia. This means more people can experience the great outdoors more freely, as they have a piece of equipment that is easy to use and that will ensure their safety.

Easy to ride

The reason why tricycles are so great for disabled adults is their ease of use, in fact, two-thirds of disabled cyclists think riding a tricycle is much easier than walking. Having three wheels instead of two, tricycles provide extra balance and support for the user. For those with Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (also known as Dyspraxia), a tricycle would be the perfect option.

For older people, the same applies. Elderly people might be put off cycling as they don’t feel safe, and they feel like they could easily have an accident or topple over. Elderly adult tricycles mean the elderly can carry on being active, safe in the knowledge that their cycling equipment is stable and safe. Even when you are standing you can stay seated on a tricycle, and it won’t fall over.

Advantages of Riding an Adult Tricycle
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Environmentally friendly

Leaving your car at home and choosing to ride a bike to work is great for the environment. This activity contributes to decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and global climate change. However, bikes are only accessible to a limited amount of people, which could cut out many people who are able to help the environment in this way. Thankfully, because of tricycles, more people can cycle to work, and more people can choose to be environmentally friendly.

Riding a tricycle instead of driving a car emits no greenhouse gases, reduces noise pollution and congestion, and reduces the need for new parking lots. It’s also a great way to save money!

Mental wellbeing

Getting out into the outdoors is great for an individual’s mental well-being. Being out in nature is known to give you more energy and can help with general brain functioning. Riding a tricycle to your favourite park or to visit your friend is a lovely way to feel all of the benefits of being out in the fresh air, and being outdoors amongst green spaces, in particular, has been known to reduce an individual’s stress levels and help them be more mindful.

For those who are elderly or have disabilities, tricycles open up so many opportunities for them to see more of the world. Some older adults or disabled adults are often confined to their homes due to mobility issues, which can cause anxiety or even depression. So, a tricycle is fantastic for older individuals as they make appropriate mobility aids and in turn, their mental well-being is likely to improve by using one.

Advantages of Riding an Adult Tricycle
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They can carry all your cargo

Tricycles are a great means of transport as they can carry all your cargo with ease. This means if you’ve been shopping and have lots of carrier bags you will have somewhere to put them, or if you are heading into work with a rucksack and laptop bag, you won’t have to carry it all the way on your back.

Tricycles often have a small basket fitted to the front or a cargo bag to the rear, but if this still isn’t enough space, trike trailers are a great way to carry the extra load.


There is a huge community of tricycle riders in the UK, with websites such as the Tricycle Association providing a place where fellow tricylists can keep up to date with all things tricycles. There are also many social media pages dedicated to tricycles, making it easier to get to know people who have the same interest as you.

What are the disadvantages of tricycles?

Well, there are many reasons to get into the world of tricycles and enjoy this style of transport, there are some things you should be aware of. Here’s a round-up of some of the things to consider when choosing a tricycle:

  • They take getting used to – riding a tricycle is not like riding a road bike or mountain bike. It’s quite different, so don’t expect to hop on and whizz around with ease at first. It can take some getting used to. For example, corners may need to be taken wider and you won’t feel as nimble as you do on a bike. Go to a large open space, quiet, and practice before your first trip on a road. Some people say you ride a bike, but you drive a tricycle! But once you get used to it, it will become a mode of transport of its own, not the same as when you bike.
  • It can be more difficult to balance – you’d think the balance would be easy on a tricycle because it has more wheels, but taking corners can be a bit trickier and if you lean, as you would on a bike, then it could tip over! You need to steer corners instead of leaning. So practice somewhere before going public!
  • They take up more space – unless you buy a folding tricycle (which is available) they take up more space to store and transport.
  • They are slower than bikes – likely you are buying a tricycle for the pure joy of the ride and the experience and not to race around. Although there are professional tricycle racers!

Final word

So, have the benefits above made you want to get a tricycle? Well, if it has, there are plenty of tricycles to choose from at Jorvik. From electric tricycles, fold away tricycles and mountain tricycles, Jorvik has it all.

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