3 eco-friendly UK subscription boxes I recommend

The subscription box business is booming and whilst there are plenty that I think are not helping the environment at all (think receiving a bunch of random products you might not ever use or want), there are many that really are trying to help people be more sustainable.

In this blog post I will share with you my review of three eco-friendly subscription boxes that I use in the UK.  Each sustainable subscription box we receive is helping us to become more plastic free and help us aim towards a zero waste household, especially in the bathroom which we are focusing on currently.

We’ve been making lots of bathroom changes lately to become more eco-friendly which has included finding a company with a recycling scheme for our electric toothbrush heads, switching to shampoo and soap bars (shoap), using recycled and plastic free loo roll, using washable bamboo flannels and make up remover pads, as well as discovering an eco-friendly razor subscription.  You’ll find two of these companies below that are helping us in our eco-friendly bathroom journey!

If you find becoming more eco-friendly quite overwhelming then start with one room, like the bathroom.  Even one change is better than none, but I’m sure one you get started you’ll want to make lots of changes.  We have also made lots of changes to make our kitchen more eco-friendly, our clothing choices and more.  Once you start the ball starts rolling and changes become easier to implement throughout the home.

It feels so much better to us to know we are reducing our impact on the environment and many of the eco-friendly methods we are switching too are reusable so they’ll save us money in the long run too!

Here are the three eco-friendly subscription boxes I currently use and recommend from loo roll to vegetables!

1.          Who Gives a Crap

Tips to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom who gives a crap

This is my newest and most favourite subscription!  They also have the option to buy without subscribing, but I love the subscription as it’s one less thing to worry about and we never run out of loo roll!

We get a big box of 48 eco-friendly toilet rolls every three months for £36.  The rolls are double length and the softest recycled toilet roll we’ve ever had!  I compared the price to the recycled supermarket version we used to buy and Who Gives a Crap worked out a little cheaper for us.

Plus, Who Gives a Crap are plastic free whereas the stuff we used to buy was wrapped in that awful non-recyclable single-use plastic.  Eugh.

Using the recycled loo rolls from Who Gives a Crap saves 27000 trees a year.  Awesome!

Plus, 50% of their profits are used to build toilets for those in need.

If that’s not enough reasons to choose Who Gives a Crap, then the rolls are individually wrapped in funky patterned paper that looks great on the bathroom shelf.  My kids love the paper and use it for crafts every time we open a new toilet roll!

Who Gives a Crap discount code £5 off

Get £5 off your first order at Who Gives a Crap with my refer a friend link (offer valid for new customers with minimum purchase of £36.)

2. Abel and Cole

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We’ve used Abel and Cole on and off for four years!

We have tried three different organic fruit and vegetable deliveries over the years, but Abel and Cole are our favourite by far.

I like that we can switch items we don’t like and get to either choose a surprise or even pick the item we want as a replacement.  Their customer service is super friendly and the drivers are too.  I have had the odd item arrive looking a little spoiled and they have been quick to give me a partial refund and couldn’t be more apologetic.  Mostly the veg and fruit is spot on and the tastiest organic stuff we’ve had!

It all comes in a cardboard box which you can give back to the driver on the next delivery so they can reuse it before eventually recycling.   If there is any plastic then it can be returned to Abel and Cole to be reused or recycled, but they are cutting down on their plastic use.

At the moment I use them when they have great offers on.  Twice this year I’ve had £10 off each of my first three boxes which is a great saving – £60 saved in total this year so far.

Abel and Cole discount code – free box

In 2019 you can get your fourth box for free by using code BOX19 on their website.  Simply go to their website at Abel and Cole to start your organic fruit and veg adventure!

3.     Friction Free Shaving (FFS)


I used to use throwaway plastic razors so I was pleased when I discovered Friction Free Shaving (also known as FFS).

They had a special offer on for an engraved metal razor handle and set of blades for under £10 at the time.  It’s still only £9 at the time of writing this which is great value for a personalised metal razor and pack of four blades!

The subscription means you keep receiving blades every one or two months.

It’s a lot less wasteful than us throwing full disposable razors away constantly and the blades last ages.  I only change mine 1-2 times per month.

Whilst you might be wondering how that is eco-friendly, well, they also have a blade recycling scheme so there’s no need to throw anything in the bin!

Simply collect up your used razor blades and send them back for recycling instead of throwing them in landfill.

There we go – 3 eco-friendly subscription boxes that I actually use and recommend in the UK!

BONUS SUGGESTION! We Are Wild Natural Deodorant

Just popping back to say I have found another eco-friendly subscription that I have just signed up for in September 2020.  I hope it’s good.  I’ve heard great things!

It’s a natural deodorant that’s aluminium free and plastic free!

You get a metal case that is reusable and buy deodorant refills that are wrapped in a bamboo pulp that’s compostable!

We Are Wild discount code / referral code for £5 off

We are wild natural deodorant £5 off discount code

Simply use my refer-a-friend link for £5 off your first order to try We Are Wild natural deodorant.

You don’t have to sign up for the subscription.  There’s an option to buy a one off case and three refills, or you can sign up for the subscription instead.

Grab £5 off using my refer-a-friend link https://mention-me.com/m/ode/li5hf-0ca8eb7407


Mission Pebble are a subscription service where you can have shampoo/soap bars delivered every month to reduce your waste in your bathroom. We love the scents and these wash our hair really well!

You can get a free trial (just pay £3.95 p&p) with a wooden soap dish and 4x shoaps to try!

Click here to try Mission Pebble and reduce your bathroom waste today!

zero wate subscription box uk

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