Dating tips for people with disabilities

Dating can be tricky for anyone and you may think that it will be harder for you if you have a disability, but it doesn’t need to be.

Read on for some great dating tips for people with disabilities.

Try online dating

Online dating has, hopefully, made the world of dating even easier for those with a disability, enabling people to meet others who are similar to them or being able to meet anyone, globally, with whom they can easily be open and honest to before even ever needing to meet.  Thus ruling out anyone for which a disability might be an issue and preventing wasting time and effort on a date.

It means, for anyone, even without a disability, we can only go on to meet up with those we feel we have a connection with through conversation and rule out those who are not suitable for us.

Not only can you find online dating sites nowadays for the type of person you are looking for, but you can even narrow it down to specifically searching for someone on a free disabled dating website who understands what you are going through and has a disability like you, if that’s what you’re looking for. 

If the world of dating overwhelms you as a disabled person, then perhaps ease into it by finding someone who shares a similar experience to you.  This could make you feel more relaxed from the offset as you’ll each be able to identify with aspects of your lives. 

Even if love isn’t meant to be, you may still start some amazing friendships with other people who you can build a deep connection with and offer each other support.

Dating tips for people with disabilities

Be honest about a disability

Dating online definitely has its pros, but also its cons.  One of these cons is the ease at which you can hide your true self online. This leads to some people lying about who they are or showing a fake profile picture.  Of course, you don’t want to reveal everything about yourself in your profile, but if you have a disability then you might not want to hide it.

You don’t need to make the focus of your dating profile or your photo your disability, if it’s physical, but if it’s something that could be an issue for someone on a first date, then it could be better to have it out in the open and not waste your time.

Of course appearances should not matter, but sadly they do to many people. If you’re an amputee then you may wish to disclose this in your dating profile so people are aware.  Or you could search for the best amputee dating site where you can date people who are fully aware of your disability or find other amputees to connect with. But there’s no reason to not use any dating site you want; it’s whatever you are most comfortable with.

It also makes sense to be honest about your disability, such as if you are an amputee, so your date doesn’t take you somewhere that’s really impractical for you.  It will save embarrassment for both of you, especially if they want to surprise you!

Dating tips for people with disabilities

But, don’t dwell on the disability

Although it can be wise to mention any disabilities you have, don’t dwell on it.  You may have a disability, but it shouldn’t define you. 

You are you! 

Let your personality shine through and for them to see what sort of person you really are, forgetting about the disability and letting them see the real you.

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Dating tips for people with disabilities

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  1. Love this advice! I think the world of dating may be the most accessible it’s ever been, these days, which is wonderful.


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