How much water do we need to drink?

Hydration has been a heavy topic since the late 90s.  We’re told that adequate water intake will help us keep off hunger and extra weight and that dehydration could lead to heart and tooth disease- but how do we find the happy medium?  Here’s a quick rundown of everything you need to know to ensure you get enough water in your day.

The simple answer

Most professionals will agree- drink when you’re thirsty.  Our bodies have evolved into these incredibly smart organisms that can alert our brains when we’re dehydrated.  The moment that happens, we should stop what we’re doing and get some fluids into ourselves.  Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best gauge.  Some people have trouble telling when they’re thirsty and may feel hungry or like they’re craving salt instead of natural thirst.  For these people, this simple advice offers no help.

How active are you?

Active bodies expend a lot more water than passive ones.  We lose water in sweat, and we have to replenish that, or we could end up overheated and dehydrated- which is a killer combination.  The more you work out, the more fluids you should consume.  Sugary sports drinks have tried to cash in on this combination, telling consumers that we need their electrolyte and food colouring-addled drinks to stay in fighting shape, but it’s just not true.  Our bodies need water; you can do fine with just water.

Does it have to be water

It isn’t controversial to say that water lacks any real flavour.  When water does have a natural flavour, it’s usually unpleasant and caused by pipes or the wells the water came from.  There’s a running joke that some water tastes straight-up terrible, like Los Angeles residents claim.  If that’s the case, it’s entirely reasonable to want to turn to another source.  Unsweetened iced tea is a fantastic way to flavour your water healthily.  Another good one is to use a low-sugar and low-salt drink mix into your water.  If you pour a tablespoon of mixture into sixteen ounces of water, it’s still sixteen ounces of water your body’s taking in.  That’s better than none at all due to flavour.  Try fresh fruit too.  You can even buy fruit infuser water bottles.

How hot is it where you are?

When we work out, general heat is terrible for those trying to keep in as much water as possible.  We sweat quickly and heavily, especially if it’s a dense year, and this could leave us dehydrated far faster than we’d notice.  If you’re looking for real estate in Toronto on a hot summer day, bring a water bottle with you to keep hydrated!

Overall there’s no magical number that works for everyone.  We take in water in the fruits and vegetables we eat and every fluid we drink through the day.  Just make sure to avoid things that are too high in sugar, and try to get in pure water at least once a day.  Your body will thank you for helping keep off extra weight and granting you clearer skin.

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  1. Great advice! It can be really hard to tell how much water the body wants, sometimes. It’s worth experimenting to see what level of hydration it’s happiest with, I think.


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