How to find love during a pandemic

Looking for love and dating has perhaps never been more different than it is now.  Already things were advancing digitally for the dating world, but now they have skyrocketed into online dating being the norm and virtual dating sometimes being the only option, all due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Local lockdowns and business closures stopped those looking for love being able to attend any type of in-person dating events.  Pubs, restaurants, night clubs, theatres, concerts… the lot… were closed in national lockdowns and continue to close in local lockdowns too.  Perhaps the places we would usually look for love or go on dates are now all closed, have been or might be again!

So if you’re used to going out to find a beau, what are your options now?  What are the best ways to find love during a pandemic?

Read on for some of the many ways to find love during a pandemic.

Search for love locally

Whilst we can search for love far and wide, especially with online dating able to connect us with anyone globally, perhaps it’s best to keep things local when searching for love in the pandemic.

Many lockdown restrictions ban unnecessary travel, but you can usually exercise outdoors in your local vicinity.

By using local dating websites you have the opportunity to find a potential partner nearby and you may even be able to meet up if things go well!

How to find love during a pandemic

The latest lockdowns in England have allowed for two people from different households to meet up outdoors.  So if things progress well on a local dating site then you may be able to meet up for a socially distanced walk in person!

There are numerous local dating websites to keep your search close to you, simply search online for Gloucestershire dating, Devon dating, Cambridgeshire dating or wherever you are living to find suitable dating sites.

Virtual dating

If your local hunt does not go well, then of course you can search further afield too.  That’s the beauty of the internet – we can meet people from anywhere in an instant!

There are many free apps to talk, message and even video call to get to know one another and even go on a date.

Dating virtually is totally possible.  Perhaps you can share a meal together over a video chat, or order a takeaway to arrive at the same time and imagine you are in a restaurant together. 

You could even virtually go to the movies!  Sync up and watch a movie at the same time, albeit it in different locations!

Ask friends and family for suggestions

If you’re looking for love then let your friends and family know!  If they are aware you want to date and find a partner then they may have some suggestions for you.

Meet someone at work

According to YouGov the most popular way to meet a partner is at work!

I’m no stranger to this as I’ve dated people at my previous workplaces and it’s how my husband and I met.  A decade later and we’re still going strong!

Find love at the supermarket! (Or wherever you are…)

There really is no limit to where you can find love!  Whether it’s on a dating app, at work, through acquaintances or even at the supermarket!

Just because you can’t go to pubs and clubs, it doesn’t mean you won’t bump into the person of your dreams whilst out and about in a pandemic.

Here’s an amazing story of a couple who met in a supermarket, wearing masks, and took a liking for one another.  Now they have formed a bubble and are in love!

“I have one client who met someone in the supermarket – masked and distanced – and they have now progressed to getting tested and forming a quarantine bubble limited to her place or his. They are in love and relishing the extra time they get to enjoy each other since so many activities are cancelled.” – Agility PR

Final thoughts

There are still many ways to find love during the pandemic, with online dating booming due to circumstance. 

This isn’t a bad thing though.  It’s removed the last of any stigma attached to online dating, as well as allowing people to really get to talk and know one another before meeting up. 

Hopefully this will create a deeper connection or let you know if you’re wasting your time before getting any further down the line!

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How to find love during a pandemic

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  1. This is very inspiring! I think the fact that most single people have been more-or-less in the same boat, when it comes to difficulty meeting someone during the pandemic, has made it easier to feel connected, in a way.


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