Feeling a summer slump? Shake yourself out of it

Many people look forward to summer every year. With brighter days and longer nights, things just somehow feel a little bit better. And after the past year, summer is more welcome than ever.

But it’s easy to hype something up and have it not turn out as you expect. Perhaps you were hoping to feel more energetic than you are, or thought you’d be a little more active at this time of year. Feeling sluggish and tired feels like it’s going against the mood of the season, but is there a way to snap yourself out of it?

Instead of focusing on how you think you should be feeling, spend time focusing on your health instead. Here are some things you can do to help you shake off the summer slump.

Take advantage of the early sunrise

In the winter, it’s easy to spend an extra couple of hours in bed. The cold, dark mornings make it difficult to part with your comfy duvet. But in the summer, those extra hours of daylight could help boost your productivity and help you make more time for your health. 

By getting up earlier in the summer, you can motivate yourself to work out, get on top of your chores and even spend time preparing a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner. Being an early riser could also help you get to sleep at a decent hour at night, helping you develop a much healthier routine.  

Get outdoors

Even though we still face some wet weather in the summer, the warmer temperatures make being outdoors much more appealing. Try to get out at least once a day for a walk or to do some outdoor exercise. Even chilling in the garden or in a park can be great for your mood! Remember to wear SPF whenever you’re going out and choose a coral reef friendly, natural brand – it’s very easy to experience sun damage, even when there’s cloud cover!

Eat for energy and wellness

Your diet can have a big impact on how you feel. If you’ve been eating a lot of junk lately, this could be impacting your energy levels. It’s important to eat foods that provide you with the right nutrition to help you feel full of energy, while also boosting your immunity. A vitamin survey by Beko has some fascinating insights into people’s eating habits, and could give you a better idea of what your daily intake should be. Spend time preparing some healthy dishes that are packed with goodness and see the difference it makes to your mood and energy.

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Summer of fun

There’s always an expectation on people to have ‘a summer of fun’, but if you’re lacking in energy, those fun times can feel few and far between. If you’re not feeling it right now, then take time to focus on you and your health instead. With some small habit changes, you could soon see a shift in your mood and overall wellbeing, leaving you feeling ready to make the most of that summer sun and summer fun. 

3 thoughts on “Feeling a summer slump? Shake yourself out of it”

  1. I was feeling the summer slump this year that’s for sure, although I have snapped out of it now and am feeling lots better for eating healthier, keeping active has helped so much too.
    Your walking pictures give me great motivation as it would be quite easy to get stuck in a rut.

  2. I need to cut out the junk food!

  3. This can definitely be a problem. Making little changes like these, instead of pressuring yourself, is a really good idea.


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