How wearing jewellery can boost your confidence

Never underestimate the power of jewellery!

Not only can jewellery help to bring your outfit together, but it can also affect your mood and even help to boost your confidence.

Jewellery has been used for thousands of years, literally. The earliest finding of jewellery dates back 25,000 years with a necklace made of fishbones found in a cave in Monaco!

Even the origins of wearing jewellery can be related to well-being reasons. Jewellery was often created and worn for good fortune – to protect people from bad luck and illnesses. Moving through history it has been used for people to show a commitment to one another, to show status or wealth.

So why do we wear jewellery today? All the above-mentioned reasons!

One of the most fascinating reasons is that jewellery can boost our confidence.

Wondering how so? Read on to find out.

How can jewellery boost confidence?

How wearing jewellery can boost your confidence

Jewellery can be a talking point

A bold piece of jewellery can be a great conversation starter. It can give us the confidence to start a conversation with someone by asking where their jewellery is from. It can also be a great way for others to approach us when we wear unique jewellery like a personalised necklace to strike up a conversation. It works both ways.

Jewellery to keep your loved ones close to you

Personalised pieces of jewellery can help us keep memories of loved ones close to us at all times which can be a great boost in confidence when we are feeling sad or low. A locket worn around the neck is the perfect piece for this as it’s easily accessed at any time. You may choose to have a picture of your partner or parent or family which can bring a smile in any situation. Even if you are feeling scared or lonely you know your favourite people are close by.

Jewellery can transform your mood

As much as a certain outfit can make us feel confident, so can the right jewellery. If you have an important meeting at work then a slick dress suit with a delicate bracelet can ensure you look and feel professional. However, when the day is over and it’s time for you to be social and carefree with friends out of work, you can easily switch up your outfit and jewellery for something more fun, helping you to feel fun in the process!

Jewellery is often complimented

Humans, like many animals, are drawn to shiny things. Perhaps that’s another reason why we love jewellery so much! Pretty jewellery is often complimented, leaving us feeling great on the inside. Who doesn’t love their outfit being complimented?

Jewellery can make us feel loved

When we receive jewellery as a gift, it can make us feel really special. Every time you put on those diamond earrings your husband bought for you, you will be reminded of the happy memories when you received them, but you will also feel loved. Feeling loved and secure makes you feel comfortable and confident.

Jewellery can make you feel happy

If you are happy with how you look then you will be comfortable in your outfit and feel more confident. The right clothing can make us go about our day with confidence, as can the right jewellery. Putting on a favourite necklace or brooch can instantly lift a mood and therefore our confidence for the day.

Jewellery can symbolise a commitment

A piece of jewellery from your other half, such as an engagement ring or a necklace with a heart pendant, can be a symbol of their love for you. Wearing this jewellery and seeing it throughout the day can remind you of your relationship and commitment, giving you a great confidence boost.

Jewellery can make us feel unique

This is especially true if you have a workplace with a uniform. It’s hard to feel unique when everyone has to dress the same and cannot reflect their personalities through their choice of clothing, so jewellery (if allowed) is a great way to express your individuality and feel more confident in a work uniform. Even if you can’t wear jewellery to work, you might still be able to wear a watch that reflects your personality.

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How wearing jewellery can boost your confidence

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  1. Great points. I don’t often wear jewellery, but when I’m in the mood to, it definitely can help me feel a little bit more ready to face the world.


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