The benefits of LED lighting on the environment

If you’re planning to make 2021 a greener year, then there’s no denying that switching to LED (or light emitting diode) lighting in your home, or workplace, is an eco-friendly option.

From regular looking LED light bulbs to stylish Edison style LED bulbs and LED panels, you can now find a greener lighting solution no matter the style of your home, or your business needs.

Not only are LED lights a great replacement for traditional light bulbs, with many styles that look exactly the same, but they are also innovative in their designs nowadays with smart LED lighting being a great option for modern homes. You can control your smart LED lights over WiFi with a smartphone app or a smart remote control. Very cool! Plus they are much better for the environment.

Why are LED lights a more eco-friendly choice?

If you’re wondering why LED lights are better for the environment, then read on. Here are several reasons you should choose LED for your lighting needs.

  • LED lighting lasts longer

One benefit of LED lighting is that it lasts much longer than conventional lighting. This means less waste is created as the bulbs last so much longer.

We recently had new downlights installed in our home and they last so long, the electrician told us we should never need to replace them in our lifetime!

By choosing LED Lighting that lasts a long time, or even a lifetime, you will reduce landfill waste as well as the pollution caused by manufacturing and transporting more and more light bulbs.

  • LED lighting uses less power

Most people will know LED lighting uses less energy, which makes them a more eco-friendly choice. Compared to standard bulbs, LED lights use less power per unit of light emitted.

This reduces the amount of energy needed to light your home or office which is, of course, better for the environment and your wallet.

  • LED lighting wastes less energy

Conventional bulbs waste a lot of energy by converting it to heat, rather than light. Fluorescent lighting, for example, converts 95% of the energy it uses into heat!

LEDs are the opposite. They convert around 95% of the energy they use into light, wasting very little energy as heat.

  • LED lighting is non-toxic

Fluorescent strip lighting, which is often seen in offices and other commercial buildings, contain harmful toxins such as mercury. When disposed of, especially if disposed of incorrectly, these chemicals will leach into the environment and cause harm.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL) are a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional fluorescent lighting, as they use less energy, but they still contain a small amount of mercury.

LED lighting, on the other hand, do not contain toxic materials. They will not harm the environment in a toxic way when disposed of. Therefore, they are a much better choice.

  • LED lighting are brighter and distribute light better

Many conventional bulbs do not direct the light to where you need it, often illuminating the ceiling, instead of the room!

LED lights can be very directional in their application, focusing light to exactly where you need it, lighting up a room with ease. This means that in a large space such as an open plan office, you will usually need less LED lights to light the same space, saving on costs, but also reducing the number of lights that need to be produced (and eventually disposed of).

LED lights are also really bright due to their energy usage. Even LED lights with a lower wattage than your traditional lighting, can produce more brightness as they convert more energy into light! This difference again means you can use less lights, reducing landfill waste and overproduction.

LEDs are a smarter and greener choice

Not only do LED lights use less energy and waste less energy, but they are brighter than conventional light bulbs and longer lasting resulting in less waste and less environmental damage.

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  1. I’m so happy that LED bulbs are now so readily available. I didn’t know they were free of toxic materials, as well as being so much more energy-efficient; that’s great!


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