Zero waste bathroom brands + products I’m using right now

Over the past few years, we have gone ever so minimal in our bathroom with products and routines.

I used to have a whole stack of things to clean my face with every morning, a bag full of makeup and several hair products for the shower and when out.

The reality is, we really don’t need to be using half of these products.

In my case, I barely need to use any of them and I have cut nearly all of them out of my life.

Not only does this save me a lot of money each month and time, but it also means we produce a lot less waste and plastic from our bathroom.

In our quest to reduce plastic, even more, we have also switched the products we did still need to use to more eco-friendly options.  These bathroom brands and products also have the benefit of being zero waste.

And some of them are eco-friendly subscription boxes, so I don’t even have to leave the house to get them!

Sometimes it can take some trial and error to find the right zero waste products for you or those staple products that you keep buying and don’t waste. 

We now hardly ever create any plastic waste or landfill waste from our bathroom.

6 zero waste bathroom products UK

Here’s a look at six zero waste and eco-friendly bathroom products I am currently using.

I am based in the UK, but many of these items are available worldwide either directly from the retailer or on eBay and Amazon.

If they’re not available then I bet you can find something similar in your country.

1.     EcoLiving reusable makeup remover pads

EcoLiving reusable make up remover pads  zero waste products uk.PNG

A few years ago I used to use cleansing wipes and I’d get through loads of them!  I wore makeup every day and used a few wipes to remove it at bedtime.  Then I switched to bottles of cleanser and cotton wool, but I’d still waste so much cotton wool each day.

Now I use reusable makeup remover pads!  I bought some off Amazon, some from eBay and also from a brand called EcoLiving.  Simply use them, wash them and reuse them for ages!

2.     LiveCoco recyclable electric toothbrush heads

Zero waste bathroom brands + products I'm using right now livecoco oral b compatible toothbrush heads recyclable.png

I much prefer using an electric toothbrush, even though I have seen all the bamboo toothbrushes out there.  I was so happy when I discovered LiveCoco sell Oral B compatible toothbrush heads, but with a closed-loop recycling system!

Simply collect all the used LiveCoCo toothbrush heads and send them back for recycling.


I usually buy mine from eBay or Amazon, but they have some good deals on their own website too.

3.     Friction free shaving recyclable razor blade subscription

Zero waste bathroom brands + products I'm using right now FFS shaving subscription

I stopped using throwaway plastic razors and started using Friction Free Shaving (also known as FFS) a couple of years back.

I got a metal handled razor which they engraved with my name and some high-quality razor blades for around £10 when I signed up.

I get razor blades sent every two months and I save them up to return to their blade recycling scheme so there’s no need to throw anything in the bin!

Click here for a FFS discount code!

4.     Who Gives A Crap 100% recycled & plastic free toilet roll

Tips to reduce plastic waste in your bathroom

We absolutely love this loo roll.  We’ve been using it for ages now, ever since I saw an ad on Instagram.  You can choose bamboo toilet rolls or recycled toilet rolls.

We choose recycled toilet rolls which are made with used office paper.  No trees are cut down to make this loo roll.

It comes wrapped in paper and the best part is they donate 50% of profits to those in need.  In other world emergencies, I’ve seen them donate additional funds to help other causes too.

Get £5 off your first order at Who Gives a Crap discount code with my refer a friend link.

5.     Bath Bubble and Beyond Shine On shampoo bar

Zero waste bathroom brands + products I'm using right now bath bubble beyond shampoo bar

Ah, I love this stuff.  I really wanted to switch from plastic bottles as much as possible so tried loads of shampoo bars.

The problem was, they all made my hair really greasy.

Until I found this one!  It’s the only one out of around 10 bars I tried that doesn’t make my hair greasy.  Even others by the same brand make my hair greasy, but this one is magic.

I get mine on eBay for less than £5 per bar.

I only use this instead of shampoo and conditioner.  Plus we use it as a soap, so we have drastically reduced the amount of bathroom products we buy and the plastic waste.

These come in a cardboard box so there’s no waste.

6.     EcoVibe bamboo and cotton buds

Zero waste bathroom brands + products I'm using right now.png

I’m pretty sure plastic cotton buds have now been banned in the UK, but we stopped using them before this.  There are paper options that aren’t always so strong and bend easily, so we prefer bamboo and cotton buds.

They are much more sustainable being made with bamboo, compostable and biodegradable.  It’s easy to source them online and we got our last batch from EcoVibe.

Final word

I love finding ways to reduce plastic, use more natural products and prevent landfill waste at the same time.  Hopefully, these ideas will help you to reduce your impact on the environment.  You can even save some money by using reusable pads and by reducing your bathroom beauty products.

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