4 tips for staying fit and healthy on your next holiday

Got your next holiday all booked?

You’re probably very excited – and with good reason.

Breaks from the “real world” are exactly what we need to recharge our batteries and get through life.

But while you’re escaping, it’s not uncommon to let your health get away from you.

Even though I am super health conscious at home, bar the one takeaway or meal out each week, I do let my eating habits slide a little on holiday.

My exercise routine also goes out the window!

Ideally I’d love some sort of retreat holiday with yoga, plant-based chefs and state of the art gyms so I come back feeling more energised and healthier than ever, but the reality is often far from this!

Hotels with no gyms, restaurants that have no clue what a vegan is (so chips and a side salad again) and the most exercise I do is a small walk down the beach until the kids complain of walking too much!

I’m hopeful things will get easier as the kids get older and more active holidays are on the horizon!

In this blog post you’ll find out how to stay fit and healthy on your next holiday.  Advice I need to follow myself too!

4 tips for staying fit and healthy on your next holiday

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Do you want to make sure you come back from your holiday as fit as when you left?

Here are four easy steps you can follow to achieve just that.

Who knows, you may even come back in a better condition than before your travels!

Isn’t that the dream?

  1. Set a routine

Got a workout routine at home? Try sticking to it, even on holiday.

If you can’t, create your own schedule specially tailored to the holiday. Naturally, this might be a challenge to do before you head away. After all, you may not know what kinds of workout resources will be available to you.

That said, there some exercises you’ll be able to do anywhere – even in the confines of your hotel room. Nerd Fitness highlight some of the best for travellers who might be limited when it comes to their workout space.

As well as this, heading for a run is always a possibility, regardless of where you are. Set yourself small distances and try to get them done in the morning. That way your metabolism will be more active throughout the rest of the day.

I definitely plan on taking my running kit with me next time we go away, as well as downloading my favourite yoga flows.

  1. Watch what you eat

We know it’s a chore, but it always helps to watch what you’re putting into your body.

That doesn’t mean a meticulous calorie count. Just be aware of how much you’re eating and how often.

Do you really need that dessert?

Don’t deprive yourself of luxuries when you’re on holiday, but by the same virtue try not to gorge.

It’s one thing to throw caution to the wind when you’re not concerned about fitness levels – but if you’re making a conscious effort, this is something you need to monitor.

Remember – crap food makes you feel crap.

If you want to feel great on holiday and your return then you need to make great choices!

  1. Walk as much as you can

Don’t rely on public transport if you know you can walk to and from your destination with relative ease.

Walking is an underappreciated exercise.

While for a long time it was recommended that a person took 10,000 steps a day, several medical and fitness outlets have since debunked that theory.

Despite this, the unanimous consensus is that getting out and walking to and from your destination can only benefit your health. Not only is it a low-key calorie burner, it has also been shown to lower blood pressure levels.

I do love walking on holidays.  Long walks along the beach are my favourite thing to do.

This is easier said than done with two young children with little legs, but if me and Ben ever find ourselves at a beach kid-free, then we walk for miles taking in the views and enjoying each other’s company.

  1. Getting medical vaccinations

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you’ll need to ensure you keep yourself safe from any viruses which are found abroad.

While we often associate health with keeping physically active, protecting against graver threats also needs to be taken into account.

Insurance With provide advice for this, with their top tips including:

  • Researching what kinds of vaccines you might need
  • Carrying an International Certificate of Vaccination of Prophylaxis (ICVP) as proof
  • Checking to see if you’re allergic to anything being used in the vaccine

Don’t run the risk just because you’re afraid of needles. It’s worth it in the long term. There are different disease risks in different countries and having a travel jab could really save your life.

Have these fitness titbits inspired you?

Be sure to keep them in mind when you’re next away on holiday. They could help you to stay both healthy and fit.

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