How to keep your smile looking great

Did you know that only half of us do it twice a day when it comes to brushing our teeth?

This statistic might come as a shock to you since dentists always recommend regular teeth brushing as part of our oral care regime.  Plus, I personally couldn’t start or end my day without brushing my teeth!  The thought of all that food or overnight bad breath and bacteria build up just festering… no thanks!

However, brushing isn’t the only thing dentists recommend if you want to take better care of your smile.

Here are a few other ways to make sure your smile still sparkles for years to come. 

Up your water intake

Water naturally cleans your mouth, helping rinse away any food residue or bacteria that has been caught in your teeth and gums. 

Drink water after meals and acidic food and drink to rinse away as much of the food off your teeth as possible.

Reduce sugary and acidic drinks 

Sugar and acid both eat away at the enamel of your teeth. If your intake of acidic or sugary drinks or food is high, then you are increasing the chance of creating a cavity or of your tooth decaying so much that it needs to be replaced by a dentist!

By reducing the acidity within your mouth, you are helping maintain your tooth’s enamel integrity. As mentioned above, make water your drink of choice and always drink some after a meal to cleanse the mouth.

How to keep your smile looking great

Use your teeth for food

If you use your teeth to open beer bottle caps or to pull at a snag in the zip on your clothes, or rip open particularly tricky packaging, then you are putting your teeth at risk.

Your teeth can get chipped, and hard materials like metal and plastics can damage your teeth, especially if you repeatedly put them under this type of strain.

While it might be tempting to use your teeth as tools, it is much safer to reach for a bottle opener or pair of scissors in the future. 

Get professional advice

Regular trips to the dentist are advised to ensure that your teeth are kept in the best possible condition.

Sometimes, more intensive treatments are necessary and can help you feel more confident with your smile.

Take time to learn more about your area’s dental services and what options may be available to you if you need them.

Dental implant surgery and other dental cosmetic treatments should only ever be carried out by accredited and trusted professionals.

 If you book a consultation, do not be afraid to ask questions as a well-qualified dental specialist will be used to explaining procedures to their patients and helping reduce anxiety. Take time to assess your options with professional advice before deciding to undergo any treatment.

If you are anxious about dental surgery, ask if there are any less intrusive methods available or whether they have other options to reduce stress during the procedure. 

But… don’t forget to brush!

Finally, remember brushing your teeth with good toothpaste twice a day and flossing regularly is highly recommended by dentists.

If half of us are skipping out on this simple procedure, then the best thing we can do for our teeth is to ensure that we develop the habit of brushing as part of our daily life. Not only does it keep our teeth healthy, but it will keep your breath nice and fresh too!

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How to keep your smile looking great

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  1. Very important advice, thank you. I’ve definitely found that it’s worth talking to my dentist about their care and treatment recommendations.


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