7 ways to improve the taste of your water

Drinking the right amount of water each day is essential for our health. Staying hydrated will cleanse your body from the inside out, which will keep you healthy and more comfortable in the long-term.

The volume of water you consume on a daily basis will depend on your weight, level of activity and the climate you live in.

However, not everyone enjoys the taste of water, so to encourage you to drink more of it, here are seven ways to improve the taste.

1. Install a water filter

A water filter will remove the impurities found in water, which can taint the smell and taste of the liquid. It also gets rid of potentially dangerous contaminants, such as disinfection by-products, chlorine and heavy metals. If you are interested in installing a water filter in your home, then you should take a look at discountfilterstore.com.  You can choose a filter to go directly onto the tap, the incoming water supply or a separate water filter in a jug or vat.

2. Consider pure fruit juice

Fruit juice can be a great base flavour for water. If you want something that is especially delicious, then you should consider tart juices, such as pomegranate, grape, apple or cranberry. When adding juice to your water, you should go for those that are completely natural, fresh and do not contain added sugar. As well as tasting good, fruits contain antioxidants and vitamins, which are great for your health.  It’s better to drink fruit juice with your meals and only pure water in-between.

3. Infuse with fresh fruit

Infusing your water with fresh organic fruit will enhance the flavour of your drink, while providing a number of extra benefits to your body. Citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges and limes, tend to be the classic fruit to improve the taste of water. However, if you aren’t a fan of these flavours, then you can experiment with other fruit, such as watermelon, strawberry and cucumber.  Adding fruit juice to water will change the acidity of the water, so it’s best to only consume these flavoured drinks with a meal.

7 ways to improve the taste of your water

4. Add bubbles

Sparkling water isn’t for everyone, but it is a popular option for those who love bubbles in their beverage. If plain still water isn’t for you, then you should give naturally effervescent mineral water a try. Or, consider a soda maker for carbonated water. To make it even more of a treat, you can try adding the fruits above to add natural flavour.

5. Experiment with different tea

Green, red, white, fruit and herbal teas are said to be healthier than black teas or coffee, because they tend to contain less to no caffeine. There are so many different flavours out there for you to keep your taste buds interested. To see if this method of staying hydrated works for you, you should start with the local selection at your health food store or online vegan supermarket, then look into other tastes found around the globe and even experiment with loose tea leaves.

6. Try savoury

If you aren’t a fan of sweet food or drink, then the above suggestions of adding fruit and tea to your water may not excite you very much. Fortunately, there is a way to make water taste better that will appeal to the savoury palate. Drinking vegetable broths and vegan bouillons will count towards your daily water consumption. For the most health benefits, choose low-fat and low-sodium varieties.

7. Distil your water

My favourite water is distilled water.  We have a distiller machine at home and we make all our own distilled water for drinking, making smoothies and some cooking.  It removes all the dissolved substances out of water and combined with a charcoal filter, it tastes amazing!

Finding ways to improve the taste of water will benefit you in many ways. Once you start drinking more, you will be and feel healthier in return. There’s nothing better than pure water for hydration, so once you get used to drinking more water that is flavoured, try reducing the flavour until you are able to drink lovely fresh, pure water.

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7 ways to improve the taste of your water


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