7 ideas to supercharge your wellbeing

Establishing a great wellbeing routine can take a little bit of trial and error; you might need to test out a few different activities before you find out what works for you.

There are many different options to improve your physical and mental health; if you’re looking for some new ideas, you might just love these.

1 . Read for inspiration 

Looking to supercharge your wellbeing? What you need are tools for inspiration.

There are plenty of excellent books on wellbeing and self-care, so why not check out a few of the top self-care books?

If books aren’t your thing then look for wellbeing and positivity blogs for shorter bursts of reading.

7 ideas to supercharge your wellbeing

2. Set a few wellbeing goals

To improve your wellbeing, it can be useful to set yourself goals to work towards. For a few ideas, make a start with these:

  • Workout at least three times per week.
  • Learn one new healthy recipe every week.
  • Meditate for ten minutes per day.
  • Challenge yourself to a new hobby.

3. Focus on nutrition 

Eating a nutritious diet is the key to any great wellbeing routine. To focus on improving your diet, you might like to check out some of my plant based articles:

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Understanding your basic nutritional needs when vegan

In addition to reading up on nutrition from my blog, you should also check out easy ways to get all your nutrients. All humans need a certain balance of different vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and well, no matter what kind of diet you follow. 

Focusing on these healthy balances, you can eat intuitively rather than following a strict diet regime that might have been recommended on Instagram. You can access healthy foods that promote vitamin balance from companies like Growli who are releasing vegan options, that can easily give you the healthy balance of foods that you require! Keep an eye out for their vegan options which will be a “delicious nutritionally complete alternative to regular oatmeal or porridge” with “40+ nutrients, including all essential vitamins and minerals, high levels of protein and 1:1 ratio of EFA’s.”

Focusing on nutrition is so important for your wellbeing, so get started by researching the balance you need for your body.

4. Ditch your bad habits

With a New Year just around the corner, it’s time to start planning those New Year’s resolutions.

What better time to ditch your bad habits, whether it’s cutting down on alcohol or giving up smoking.

Working on your bad habits is the key to improving your wellbeing.

For those who are planning to give up smoking, an e-cigarette can be helpful as an initial transition.

7 ideas to supercharge your wellbeing

5. Beautify your home

Our living spaces play a big role in improving our wellbeing; when our homes are clutter-free and comfortable and attractive, we’ll feel far more relaxed and content.

You don’t have to spend lots of money to beautify your home. First, ditch the clutter and give your home a deep clean.

Next up, give your rooms a fresh lick of paint, perhaps in a bright shade.

 To find cheap second-hand homeware, try websites like Preloved, Gumtree, or Oxfam.

6. Start a positive journal 

Writing in a journal can be a great way to improve your well-being, especially if you focus on positive experiences.

For a few ideas for journal writing, consider the following:

  • Positive memories: It can be nice to write down positive memories in a journal, for keepsakes, and to look back on when you’re having a bad day.
  • Positive affirmations: Another way to use a journal is by writing positive affirmations, and you can find plenty of examples of these online.
  • Gratitude expressions: Writing down what you are grateful for can help you improve your mental health and reflect on the positive things about your life.

Any one of these journaling techniques can help you to be more positive!

7 ideas to supercharge your wellbeing

7. Try Tai Chi or meditation

Tai Chi is a special type of martial art that also involves a meditation aspect. During a Tai Chi class, you perform a series of slow movements and breathing exercises. It’s a spiritual practice that can encourage a deeper connection to your body and the earth.

Tai Chi has several different health benefits, such as increasing strength, soothing muscle pain, and helping you to relax.

If you’re not too sure about Tai Chi, then seek out other meditation methods that suit you better. Meditating for even as little as 10-15 minutes per day can help to reduce stress and promote your emotional health. The website Gospel Themes has some recommendations for the best time to meditate for the greatest benefits and other helpful articles relating to spirituality and meditation.

Final thoughts

With all of these great ideas under your belt, you’ll soon boost your wellbeing and health. It can be helpful to write down your goals and progress, to help you stay on track.

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7 ideas to supercharge your wellbeing

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