Improving your health with small changes

We all want to have an enjoyable lifestyle, and part of that is having the energy to take part in the things that we want to do. Rather than resorting to drastic diets, consider what is being coined as ‘lifestyle medicine’. Making small changes that add up to a big difference.

Small steps to be healthier

Sometimes we just need to start making some small healthier choices to start feeling better and to get on the right path.

Read on to discover tips for small lifestyle changes for better health.

Think happy

This can be difficult if you aren’t used to trying to see the positive in life. Eventually, over time, all you will think is happy, positive thoughts – because you know how to quiet the negative thought noise. A positive attitude makes a lot more difference than you might think – so work on it slowly and see what happens.  Try starting your day and ending your day with three happy thoughts.


If you think you are eating enough vegetables, you are probably wrong. 5 portions of vegetables should be the minimum, not the aim. Shoot right past that by eating them raw, steamed, in juices, stir-fried – add them to sauces and more. It cannot be stressed enough how great leafy green vegetables are for you.  Aim for ten a day instead of five and that way you’ll make sure you’re choosing fruit and veg for your snacks and loading up on them at main meal times instead of junk.

Small meals

Most people stick to three meals a day, but then find themselves hungry and snacking. If you swap 3 meals a day for 5 smaller ones, you could kick start your metabolism and soon say goodbye to the dips you might experience around 11am and 3pm. Your blood sugars will stay level, your focus will be improved, and you might notice some changes in your weight if you carry a little extra.


Walking is still highly underrated. In fact, many people can’t see the joy in a simple walk. If you have a park or gardens nearby, there is no time that is the wrong time for a walk (horrific weather permitting). Although more people are now starting to try and fit a walk early on in the day, any time is better than no time. You can start slowly and add a 1-hour walk per week into your routine and then gradually find more space during your average week.

Try walking to your local supermarket or shops instead of driving each day, especially if they are only a kilometre or two from your house.  Take a backpack and buy your daily food shopping.  Turn your supermarket visits into your daily exercise and up your step count. There are lots of ways to incorporate walking into your daily life when you start thinking about it.


Everyone has bad habits, and it’s probably time to work on yours. If you bite your nails, consider getting a gel or acrylic manicure to protect them. If you drink a little too much during the week, cut back to once a week and then try to stop altogether. And if you are a smoker, it is probably time to consider switching to vaping as a means to quitting smoking for good; you can even make the swap more fun by checking out best pod mods.  Start working on quitting habits that are bad for your health and happiness.  Once you’ve kicked the habit you’ll feel so motivated and proud of yourself.


If you are having trouble sleeping it might impact your whole day. Not only will you feel tired, but you are probably going to find your appetite isn’t quite right and you are cranky. There are some apps that can help you get a good night’s sleep. The Calm app, Headspace and Relax Melodies have a range of features that will help you drift off even after the most stressful of days.

Small changes over time build good habits that will give you an overall health improvement.  Becoming healthier doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Start by making the little changes that are easily achievable and then build up from there.  You should find a desire to be even healthier once you begin making small changes and feel the benefits.

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