Turning your healthy living passion into a side earner

The desire to transform your healthy living passion into a full time career may seem like an incredible hurdle, especially if you have many obstacles in life to currently navigate that require a full time job to support.

It may surprise you that many people who successfully transfer their passion for healthy living into their full-time job, started it out as a side hustle.

There are many ways to make an income nowadays related to healthy living such as starting a healthy living blog or becoming a nutritionist.

One great way to combine a love for healthy living and fitness with an income is to become a fitness instructor.  Whether you love Zumba or yoga, you can train to become an instructor or personal trainer and help others reach their fitness targets too.

It’s the perfect combination of lifestyle and passion and something I have thought about, and even investigated courses at my local university.  If all else fails with my current career, I would definitely be inspired to train as a fitness instructor to learn the full ins and outs of fitness and nutrition whilst teaching others.

If you are working full time and want to become a fitness instructor then it can be completed part time alongside your current commitments.  It’s not something that can be achieved instantly anyway!  Bodies are not built in a day and it will take time to develop your skills and become a master in the fitness you wish to teach.

This makes it the perfect side hustle to start alongside your full-time job.  Once you have completed your training you can start to host morning, evening, weekend or even online classes that fit around your existing work schedule.

Then as it grows, you can begin to consider the leap to full-time fitness instruction.

Turning your healthy living passion into a side earner

The path to the switch

We all have a point in our 9-5 existence that is unfulfilling. It’s safe to say that a huge amount of people working 9-5 for another person’s company are not serving their passions and getting what they want out of life.

A quote I love is “If you don’t build your own dreams, then someone else will hire you to build theirs.”

It’s so true and many people are afraid to start their own business venture – but it doesn’t have to be so scary!  It’s best to start small, in your free time and build it up.  You don’t have to quit your job to get started! In fact, it’s more sensible not to.

By taking on a fitness instructor course and then using your new qualification as a side venture over evenings, weekends or days off you are in a much better financial position than if you were to quit your job and dive in headfirst.

You will eliminate those early tough stages of establishing yourself with little income to show for it whilst steadily building up a solid client base.

There is a gap between what you need to do and what you want to do, but in adding some extra hours to your week to build your passions you are able to successfully navigate that bridge and live comfortably and stress free.

A rewarding side hustle

The added benefit of doing your job as a side hustle is the ability to provide a positive impact on other people’s lives, which you possibly don’t have in your own 9-5 world.

Many others, like you, might be fed up in their 9-5s and use exercise as a stress-buster.  You can now provide this for them and help them get fit and healthy at the same time!

It’s a really rewarding role as you positively impact others.

As a bonus, you get to keep yourself fit and healthy at the same time too!

Reduce burnout

Personal fitness can be a very competitive landscape with recently qualified trainers having a tendency to burn out quickly by going all in with their aspirations.

By reducing what could be a full day’s workload into a side venture you greatly reduce burnout whilst keeping things interesting.

You might even choose to keep it as a side earner only to ensure the passion stays ignited!

If you’ve always dreamt of becoming a fitness instructor then don’t put it off.  Find a course that suits you and fits around your existing lifestyle.  Find fitness instructor courses Plymouth or wherever you are based.  You can get more out of your training by gradually building it up to a full time career.

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