The benefits of a retractable roof pergola

It’s not every day that I think about pergolas. Heck – it’s not every day that I write about pergolas. But guess what? Today is that day. I woke up from a pergola dream, and now it’s all I can think about. The best way for me to stop thinking about whatever is on my mind is to talk about it, or better write about it!

I’ve been looking at pergolas, and more specifically retractable roof pergolas, for months now. However, now that I’ve started dreaming about them, I think it’s time to make a decision – either buy one or put the thought to rest. What do you think?

This whole thing started when I was looking to add some shade and some sort of weather protection to my back garden. Whilst browsing at different shade systems, I stumbled across retractable roof pergolas by Designer Shade Solutions. The team at Designer Shade Solutions create bespoke shade solutions, such as pergolas with retractable roofs, for commercial spaces and houses all across the UK. 

It was then that retractable roofs started being on my mind. These systems are incredibly functional and oh-so-luxurious, how could I not think about them? As Fashion Mommy says, Designer Shade Solutions’ outdoor structures “feature retractable and tilting roofs plus, are fully customisable to meet any style and design requirements that you might have.” What else do you need?

We recently moved house and in our old home, we created a roofed veranda in the garden, allowing us to enjoy the garden all year round, reaping the benefits of being outdoors and getting fresh air no matter the weather.  However, our new home has quite a smaller garden, so we are slightly concerned a fully roofed veranda would block out a lot of the sun in our garden and potentially cause shade.  This is where a retractable roof pergola becomes a great solution!  For the best of both worlds! 

I wanted a retractable roof pergola but I had to keep researching to see if it was worth it. Lo and behold, I created a long list of benefits of having a pergola with a retractable roof and thought I’d share it with you today.

Be outdoors no matter the weather.

As Let’s Fix It mentions, “Having a retractable and tilting roof in a pergola also means that these can be enjoyed rain or shine. So, if you want to be outdoors while it’s pouring down or want to sip on a cocktail when the sun is shining, you can. Modern pergolas give you the chance to make the most out of your outdoor space and fully use it all year round.”

Extend your current living space. 

Whether you want to make your garden feel like another room in the house or want to make your home feel bigger, adding a retractable roof pergola as an extension to your house will do the trick! 

These pergolas with retractable roofs are self-supporting systems that can be installed anywhere in your property – attach it to your home as an extension or install it on top of your outdoor dining space to highlight this space and offer cover from the elements.

Create an ultimate outdoor retreat.

These retractable roofs can be fully customised to your requirements. To create the ultimate outdoor retractable that gives you the best of both worlds (indoors and outdoors), customise your retractable roof pergolas with heating, lighting and side glass screens. With these extras, you can experience being outdoors in the comfort of an indoor space. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

I think you know how I truly feel about retractable roof pergolas, and I’m not the only one! Simple Parenting recently commented “I’m completely in love and completely considering installing one in my back garden. I want to be able to make the most out of my favourite area of the home.”

They are a great investment and we have a decision to make!  We will definitely create some sort of covered area in our garden as I love to be outdoors as much as possible and not cooped up in the house all the time. 

What do you think about retractable roof pergolas?

5 thoughts on “The benefits of a retractable roof pergola”

  1. They do sound really good! I like the idea of being able to sit outside comfortably on rainier days.

  2. If only i had the room or space for one, this would be perfect.

  3. This is beautiful. We’re moving into a new house next year and this would look beautiful at the back

    • I bet it would look stunning! We’ve recently moved and we had a veranda on the old house which we are really missing. Hoping to build something on the new house this year. Good luck with your house move 🙂

  4. I would love this!


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