Summer hygge: de-stressing over the warmer months

When we think of hygge, the Danish word referring to feelings of cosiness and contentment, it’s easy to picture cold winters curled up in front of the fire, sipping on hot chocolate or taking long, hot baths with candles whilst rain is hammering on the window or snow falling outside.

However, hygge really is something we can practice all throughout the year, summer being no exception. It’s a great way to practice self-care, look after yourself and reduce stress levels so it’s well worth doing.

Here’s how to practice hygge and improve your health at the same time in the summer months.

Spend time in nature

Multiple studies have shown that spending time outdoors lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, decreases stress hormones, and eases muscle tension.

When the sun is out and the weather is warm, it’s natural to want to get outside. And spending time in nature is the perfect way to relax and de-stress. Pack up a picnic blanket and head to a nearby meadow, peaceful park or gardens and sit out in the sunshine.

You could invest in some comfy seating for your garden and sit out there too.  If you hang bird feeders and plant flowers you’ll attract nature and it’s fascinating to sit and watch.

A great summer hygge tip is to walk barefoot on grass. Research shows this reduces stress levels by over sixty percent, is said to have ‘grounding’ effects on mental health and promotes wellbeing. It’s easy to do so well worth a try!

Another way to spend time in nature is to go camping.  With so many activities to do from hiking to boating and bird watching, it will keep you busy all day and will keep the kids (and you!) away from your screens.

Eat outside

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There’s something so nice about dining outdoors when the weather is nice, even better when it’s with friends!

If you spend most of your time indoors throughout the day, you’ll be at risk of higher rates of depression and anxiety. When you’ve been spending your lunch hour in a windowless office or cubicle all year long, you’ll be amazed what a difference a simple lunch outside can make.

Eating healthier becomes easier in the summer when we gravitate towards light and fresh foods, so create some gorgeous summer salads and throw some vegetable kebabs and meat-free burgers on the grill and invite friends around for some laughs and good conversation.

Go on picnics, or just sit outside with your family in the evenings after work and school and enjoy your normal meals, but outdoors!

Focus on sleep

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Sleeping can be a little trickier in the summer. The light evenings combined with early sunrise means it can be harder to drift off, not to mention the temperature being hotter.

If you have the funds, consider investing in an air conditioner for your bedroom- you’ll be so grateful of it when the summer heatwave hits.

CBD oil is a safe and legal way to drift off, when you hear ‘cannabis’ it’s easy to make the association with bongs and smoking but this is very different.  It doesn’t contain the psychoactive compound THC, but is a cannabinoid called cannabidiol which has many health benefits.   It’s completely legal, safe and easy to administer, just a drop under the tongue is all you need. Many people find it helps them drift off to sleep much more easily.

Update your bedding by adding breathable cotton sheets and a thin duvet that’s designed for summer.  This will help to keep you cool and comfortable while you’re in the land of nod.

What do you think are the most relaxing things to do to practice hygge in the summer?

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