How to introduce natural elements into home decoration

Being in nature soothes the body and mind.  We all know this, but according to numerous sources we now spend around 90% of our time indoors!

It’s not uncommon to work long shifts in office blocks or other indoor buildings, to then return home and spend an entire evening indoors.

So if we can’t always get outside into nature, then how can we bring natural elements into our home décor?


One of the cheapest and easiest ways to bring nature into your home is to actually bring nature into your home!

Bring living houseplants into your décor easily with hanging Devil’s Ivy, succulents, cacti, palms, ferns and more.

There are numerous houseplants that are easy to care for and can add a touch of green to a coffee table or go crazy and create a room jungle!

Houseplants are widely available and can even be sourced at many supermarkets.  You can even order plants online and I’ve seen houseplant subscriptions too.

If you’re not great at remembering to water houseplants then opt for Zanzibar, snake plants, dragon trees and aloe vera which all have amazing twists and shapes and rarely need watering.

We’ve 29 houseplants dotted around our minimalist family home and counting…!

How to introduce natural elements into home decoration

Natural stone

When you begin to think about it, it’s actually really easy to start adding natural elements to your home.  In fact, you might already have a lot of natural materials in your home already.

Stone has been used since the beginning of time in construction as a hardwearing material that also stands the test of time.

Natural stone can be used around the home from floor and wall tiles to entire counter tops.  There are many types of natural stone in all sorts of colours, textures and sizes to suit your taste.

If you love glitz and glam, then granite, marble and quartz will bring shimmer and luxe into your home.  For a rustic vibe you can use slate and sandstone.

Reclaimed wood furniture

You can do your bit for the environment and bring natural elements into your home by opting for reclaimed wood furniture like these stunning pieces from Wood Create on Etsy.

Real wood brings warmth into the home, but you can save more trees from being cut down by choosing preloved furniture or supporting local furniture makers who use reclaimed wood.

Open the windows

Don’t forget to let fresh air into your home. 

Even in the winter months, practice opening your windows for a short burst each day to recirculate the air and fill the room with the sounds of nature, if you aren’t in a busy city!

Make sure your windows aren’t blocked with furniture and let as much natural light into your rooms as possible. 

Natural light is essential for boosting our mood so avoid artificial light when possible.

Choose natural textiles

Skip the plastic and choose natural seagrass woven baskets for storage. 

Opt for grasscloth wallpapers and blinds.

Choose organic cotton or 100% linen for bedspreads.

Hang fluffy bamboo towels in the bathroom.

Whatever you need to make your home feel cosy, there is always a natural material version.

Naturally scent your home

Many homes are artificially fragranced with toxic chemicals.  It’s not something many people give a thought too, but those aerosol air ‘fresheners’ or plug ins contain synthetic and questionable ingredients.

Instead, choose to scent your home with nature.  You can easily buy soy candles with a cotton wick in glass jars and scented with essential oils.

Fill mini burlap pouches with dried lavender and pop in drawers, under pillows or hang in wardrobes.

How to introduce natural elements into home decoration

Nature inspired art

You can also bring nature into your home through your art choices.  Choose art prints and canvases with a nature theme, leaves, animals, trees, sunsets, etc.

You can also create your own wall hangings using braided natural cotton, jute and pieces of driftwood.

Fresh flowers

Brighten up your home and bring the colours of nature indoors with a fresh bunch of flowers!

A simple trick to bring colour and positivity into your home.

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