6 steps to be more positive

With the world in the state it’s in, it can be difficult to feel positive about anything.

Such feelings can have a significant impact on our mental health, our energy, and every other aspect of life.

As we shift closer to winter, it can be even harder to maintain positive thoughts. But the outlook needn’t be so bleak.

If you feel you’re struggling to look on the bright side, here are six steps you can take to be more positive. 

1. Make your home your sanctuary 

Everyone should feel comfortable in their home. You spend so much time there that it’s vital to make it a positive place to be.

As your sanctuary, you get to decide how to design it, which plants or portraits to show off, and how many fluffy pillows or cosy blankets you want to cover the bed.

Your home should be a place where you can relax and recharge.

It needs to be clean and tidy, as anything else will add more stress.

Consider what you love most in life, whether reading, cooking, or spending time with friends, and make your home a place where this is possible every time you come home from work. 

6 steps to be more positive

2. Switch off from stress 

Stress can have a serious impact on our mental wellbeing, and if you feel stressed all the time, there is no hope of you finding the positivity you need.

While a little stress in your life is good, as it can keep you motivated, too much pressure can make it difficult to stay positive. Rather than unwind, you’re always worrying about tomorrow and beyond.

Our always-on working culture contributes to this, so while your boss may be able to contact you at all times, you are not obligated to respond. Give yourself a regular ‘clocking-off’ time, turn your phone off and keep it out of sight. 

3. Be grateful

Gratitude is a fantastic way to see the positives even in the negatives, and this can have a substantial impact on your happiness and overall well being.

It can reduce your stress levels while also improving self-esteem, which will reflect in how you interact with people.

You can practice gratitude by being thankful for what you have, by thanking others, and even thanking yourself for being who you are.

Sometimes, you don’t need to verbalise this thanks, even thinking it can boost your positivity. 

4. Ditch the negative self-talk 

If you’re someone who regularly talks down to themselves, whether through vicious remarks or supposedly harmless self-deprecating humour, you need to stop and learn to respect yourself.

Even if you don’t consider it too serious right now, it can become a crutch that you rely on to avoid fulfilling your potential.

Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do something or you are not qualified enough to be responsible for large and important projects, remind yourself at how far you’ve come and how capable you are.

At first, it will trick your brain into thinking you do have the experience, and eventually, this will morph into natural positivity and confidence

6 Steps To Be More Positive

5. Start every day right 

Getting out of bed can be a challenge, especially during winter, when the mornings are still dark and cold.

During this time, it can be tricky to feel positive, so you need to find ways to start the day right.

Exercise, meditation, and yoga are all popular methods, whereas making a Wake-Up playlist of your favourite songs can get you in the right mood to take on the day.

This can also give you a solid idea of how long you have to get ready, which can help with time management and prevent the stress of rushing through your morning.

You can give yourself targets to be prepared for specific songs (so don’t shuffle the playlist), and be out the door on time every day. 

6. Consider supplements 

Supplements are a useful way to get an extra boost of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need during your busy life, and products that include vitamin d3 will give you the happy sunshine feeling you need to help you feel positive throughout the winter.

Aim for natural, wholefood plant-based supplements whenever possible.

Going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark won’t do you any good, and these supplements will help balance your body and improve your positivity. 

Stay positive

Finding the positives in life is not as straightforward as many people make it sound, but this does not mean it is impossible to feel good about the world and your future.

As with many things in life, you need to take small but practical steps forward to unlock the latent positivity within, and this will give you a new lease on life, allowing you to look past the bad and embrace what’s good and right about the world. 

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6 steps to be more positive
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