Curating your health journey for your own needs

When hoping to lead a fitter and healthier lifestyle, it’s very easy to take on the conventional wisdom and run with it. You’re not about to see me argue that this is a bad route to take. In fact, conventional and timeless fitness wisdom is often that way for a reason. For example, overtraining is not a positive, good sleep should always be an essential part of a fitness regime, and a healthy body is mostly made in the kitchen, not solely the gym.

That being said, it’s also extremely easy to run with the basics when you understand them, to the detriment of learning more or trying other avenues that work for you. We all have different bodies with slightly different needs, and what may work for someone may not be the optimal solution for someone else, even if conventional wisdom is mostly applicable.

Curating your health journey for your own needs can be a lengthy process, but there’s almost nothing more worthwhile if you hope to manage your health in the best manner possible. Below are some things to think about if you want to curate your own individual healthy journey.

Dietary supplements or aids

It’s important to consider that while you may be adhering to the best diet for your plan, supplements can often help you get the best intake and mineral absorption possible.  It’s best to choose plant-based supplements that contain organic minerals that are readily absorbed by our bodies when combined correctly.  Taking supplements to help the digestive tract when needed is also useful for exercise.  For example, natural mineral water for slow digestion can often help with constipation issues, as feeling bloated can leave you with lethargy, and that’s never conducive to exercise or healthy living. It may also be that pre-workout supplements or BCAA’s for those building muscle add a much-needed kick to your motivational progress or recovery respectfully.

Stretching & recovery

Stretching and recovery is an essential part of healing from your efforts in the gym. Foam rolling is one method used to help work out the knots and kinks in muscles, as well as encouraging the balanced healing of your muscle groups. Aloe vera supplements can be great for skin health and the slow maintenance of stretch marks (aloe vera juice is also great for keeping you regular too). Additionally, it may be that investing in vapour rubs can help you breathe more easily at night in order to secure that much-needed sleep. Not all recovery aids will be as helpful for you as others, but when you find your best selection, you’ll see a marked difference.  Getting plenty of sleep is well-known to aid recovery and a part of an essential healthy lifestyle, so make sure you listen to your body and don’t force yourself awake unnecessarily at night time.

Volume adjustments

It’s fine if you struggle to adapt to a certain workout or dietary format to begin with. Maybe cutting out alcohol, sugar, fattening foods and carb-heavy meals all at once will only lead you to feel too restricted.  This can cause you to fall back into your old habits. Volume adjustments mean taking incremental steps and adapting to the new normal. This might mean cutting out potato chips and drinking during the week. That’s a massive step. It could also be that instead of running three days a week, you run two for now with a yoga session at the weekend. Provided you are focused on getting better, adapting in your own way is more than justifiable provided you are consistent.

Listening to your own body and working out your needs is a must for your healthy lifestyle journey.  You are unique and the supplements you need, recovery methods and workout plan will be unique to you too.

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