Body confidence issues: how to be more body confident

We’re told that as we get older we become much more confident in our own skin, but surely there is a way to fast track that assurity?

While we certainly can’t fast track the experience and history we obtain as we get older, there are certain things we can do both physically and mentally that can increase our desire to become more body confident.

But as our opinions and even our body shape can change daily, I thought it would be worth sharing with you some of the ways you could feel more assured in your own skin. I hope they help you feel more body confident.

Female body confidence tips

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Change the conversation you have with yourself

Body shaming happens everywhere.

In the media, online through social media and even in places we congregate like the workplace or socially.

But, there is nothing worse than the body shaming we do to ourselves. This is where we really need to change the conversation we have with ourselves.

A lot of what we say in our head can have a detrimental effect on how we feel. Negative thoughts and criticising ourselves are just some of the things we can do daily.

A great tip is to practise a positive attitude to ensure that you no longer body shame yourself.

Sometimes it is what’s going on inside

We don’t often realise it, but as women our bodies can go through a lot.

The time of the month especially can cause mental and physical changes that can affect our body confidence.

Whilst we can’t change biology it’s always worth trying to remember that these things are natural and they will pass.

But there can also be infections like bacterial vaginosis that can be a little unpleasant if not treated. If you think it’s something more than just your time of the month and something isn’t right down there then get checked out.

Sometimes there are natural solutions, but if not then a simple bv gel treatment could be all you need to solve any issues and get your confidence back.

Sometimes what’s going on inside can affect our body confidence even if no-one else can see it.

Get confident in your clothes

We can all be a little guilty of saving clothes for best or wearing items that perhaps are more for comfort than making us feel good about ourselves.

But with a few simple tweaks here and there, you can start to feel confident in the clothes you wear.

Instead of saving clothes for better occasions, wear what takes your fancy when you want to. You may be surprised about how much better you feel by just making this one simple change.

If you have lumps and bumps that make you feel self conscious then there are clothing solutions to smooth these out and make you feel more confident.  Check out the latest shapewear next time you’re clothes shopping.

Increase your activity

We are all aware of how great exercise can make you feel, so if you are struggling with your body confidence then why not look at increasing your activity.

It could be as simple as walking somewhere or heading to a local gym and join a class. It’s a great way to socialise with like minded individuals.

If you feel good you look good and if you look good you feel good. 

If you’re not happy about your fitness levels, weight or how toned you are then do something about it and set fitness goals instead of complaining.

Don’t compare yourself

Finally, one of the worst things anyone can do when it comes to their confidence levels is to compare yourself to others.

Everyone is unique and different and all at different stages in their journey. This is why it’s so important to stop the comparison and focus on what you are doing.

Comparison is the thief of joy.

Overall, making some positive mental changes and being more active are great ways to start feeling more body confident!

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